Basketball Fans Brawl Following Suns and Clippers Game in Phoenix

A brawl broke out amongst fans following Game 1 of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers in Phoenix on June 20.

Footage filmed by Hayden Sandman shows a group of men exchanging verbal barbs. One of them, a man wearing Clippers apparel, punches another man wearing a Phoenix Suns jersey. The confrontation draws other fans, while some attempt to stop the violence.

The Suns released a statement on Monday, saying that “while the intensity on the court continues to heat up, we still expect Suns fans to keep their cool off the court.”

“We will not tolerate the violence that erupted following Sunday’s game at Phoenix Suns Arena,” the team said. “We consider Suns fans to be the best in the world. Fighting or taunting to incite violence is not reflective of our organization or how fans from across the Valley should be represented.”

No arrests were reported. Credit: Hayden Sandman via Storyful