These Bat Wall Decorations Instantly Transform Your Space for Halloween

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A swarm of black bats on the mantel is one of my favorite ways to transform my living room for Halloween. Just a few minutes of decorating the wall and my space is nearly ready for the holiday. My daughters love to stick the bats in place and I love the under $10 price tag and quick setup. Once Halloween is over, simply remove the bats and store them until next year. My thin plastic set has lasted several years without any signs of wear. Here are my favorite Halloween bat decorations—they're all available online now.

This year, I split my set in two and decorated both my living room wall and front door. I find it's best to use removable adhesive dots (like these Removeable Glue Dots, $4, Walmart) to attach them outdoors.

Halloween Black Bats

Handmade of card stock, this 33 piece set includes all the bats you'll need to decorate your living room. Each set comes with 10 large, 12 medium, and 11 small bats. As one reviewer raves, "Love these bats! They were the perfect addition to my living room wall for some minimal holiday decor!"

Bats Wall Decor Kit

If you're planning to display your Halloween bat decorations outside, look for cutouts made from weather-proof plastic or PVC. This 60-piece set include four different shapes and sizes of bats plus removeable wall stickers to hang indoors or out. Before hanging, gently crease the bat wings to create a 3D design.

Glitter Wall Bats

Add a little sparkle to your Halloween decor. This set of nine glittery bat decorations comes with three sizes to hang on your wall. The oversize shape of each bat adds a playful touch to your mantel, walls, or door frame.

Felt Halloween Bats

Invest in this set of 12 sturdy felt bats and display them year after year. Simply use removeable adhesive to attach them to your walls or siding. To store, flatten the bags and place them in a plastic bag or box. One reviewer shared a must-have tip for hanging the Halloween bat decor, "Super cute! I used painting tape on the back side and these bats look perfect on the door!"

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