Bataclan survivor 'relieved' ahead of trial verdict

STORY: In the deadliest attack ever seen in peacetime France, Islamist gunmen struck the Bataclan music hall, six bars and restaurants and the perimeter of the Stade de France sports stadium on the evening of November 13, 2015.

After nearly 10 months of harrowing hearings, judges will hand in their verdict on Wednesday.

"It has been a long 10 months but I think we can be proud of what we achieved," said Arthur Denouveaux, a survivor of the Bataclan attack, in which 90 died, and the president of Life for Paris, a victims' association.

The hearings allowed victims to testify in detail about their ordeal and their struggles in overcoming it, while families of those killed spoke of how hard it was to move on. Some of the accused apologized or took responsibility for their role in the attacks.

The verdict and sentencing are expected from 1700 (1500 GMT) on Wednesday, with no details on what time exactly that will come. The ruling can be challenged on appeal.

"It is a relief, it’s mostly a relief. Both because it means that justice has made what it had to do but also because it means that this trial is behind me and I can go on with my life," Denouveaux said.