Bay Area teen fashion designer organizes #StandForAsians rally

"This is unfair, this is unjust. It's shocking," said So.

Video Transcript

- By day, Ashlyn So is a middle school student on the Peninsula, balancing the world of distance-learning with her role as an emerging fashion designer. The 13-year-old has been featured at New York Fashion Week. You might also remember her from earlier in the pandemic, when she channeled her passion for fashion into making stylish masks for health care workers on the front lines. But lately, something else has been on her mind.

ASHLYN SO: This is unfair. This is unjust.

- So has been paying close attention to the anti-abortion rhetoric and violence plaguing our community.

ASHLYN SO: Shocking, you know? It's not OK, and we're not going to be standing for it.

- Instead of sitting on the sidelines, So is stepping up by organizing a #StandForAsians rally this Saturday afternoon at San Mateo Central Park, bringing attention to what many say is a much-needed movement in these challenging times.

ASHLYN SO: Many people reached out to me to support this cause and to help out the rally-- help organize it. And that lets me know that our community is good.

- Her family is also providing guidance however they can.

ANGELA WU: Open to whatever ideas that she has, and she's serious about it, then OK. We're going to go for it, right? We're going to do this together. We're going to figure out this together.

- So as part of an up-and-coming generation more likely to not only speak out, but to take action against the wrongs they see in the world.

JASON TING: It's the creativity of how the next generation makes an impact.

- Community philanthropist Jason Ting is hopeful that others take notice.

JASON TING: Highlighting what are the positive things we can do to make a difference, to make things better.

- Praise for a talented teenager who's using her platform for good.

ASHLYN SO: We have to speak out.