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Bay Area teen part of group to bring back youth sports in CA

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"All I want is to put on the jersey for my school and be part of the team," said Stella Buch, a South Bay freshman volleyball player who is one of the several plaintiffs that sparked the statewide movement.

Video Transcript

WAYNE FREEDMAN: When Menlo School volleyball Stella Buch began this year who would have known she'd also be getting a legal education. Did you know what a plaintiff was before you started this process?

STELLA BUCH: No, I did not.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Now she can say that by being a plaintiff in a suit against the state, she's helped bring back high school sports for everyone.

- Today for all high school athletes in California, Christmas has come early.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: The settlement for high school sports now includes basketball and volleyball with appropriate testing when necessary.

STELLA BUCH: All I want is to put on the Jersey Shore my school and represent my school and be a part of that team.

PATRICK WALSH: This is not a threat to society, and I mean, at the end of the day the kids are not the enemy anymore.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Coach Patrick Walsh of Serra High School helped start the movement last December.

PATRICK WALSH: It can be safe because the data and science proves that it's safe.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: There will be some not so subtle differences in the seasons this year. There will be no championships, not for the county, not for the sections, not for the state. These kids will be playing in these gyms for the sake of playing.

- It's just been tough it's just like, it's what I enjoy most about like academics, like after school.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: At Marin Catholic High School, Declan Ochoa has waited all year for this. He and others see playing sports as a form of mental health.

PATRICK WALSH: You know, suicide ideation. Suicide itself anxiety, depression, you know, kids going on pills.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Well now they get their games at at least some relief at the end of this difficult year.

STELLA BUCH: I think I've actually learned that I need my support more than ever.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: In Marin County, Wayne Freedman, ABC 7 News.