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Bay Area women breaking barriers as 1st eagle scouts

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"It means being a leader and being driven."

Video Transcript

- On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the scout law.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: The first step towards being a good person that when you make a promise--

- To help other people at all times--

WAYNE FREEDMAN: You keep that promise. And when you set a goal--

- Keep myself physically strong, mentally awake--

WAYNE FREEDMAN: You reach it. Scouts learn those values from the very beginning. If they're perseverant, they prove it.

- It means being a leader and being driven.

- It was definitely very hard.

- So we did it nearly all together.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: They are all freshly minted Eagle scouts. Bella Scovia,

- This one right here is doing well.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Stephanie Unica and Gina Schneider.

- And it's causing erosion into the creek.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Yes, we said Eagle scouts three of four from troop 10-15 in San Anselmo. Trailblazers in every way.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is not easy only 5% of scouts earn that honor and yet in 111 years, there have never been any women, not until now. 900 across the country this year.

LISA LINNENKOHL: It says that scouting is becoming aligning with the times, you know, inclusion.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Where most young men take five or six years to become Eagle scouts, the rules change so late that these women only had two so they did it in a third of the time. Today, they showed off some of their projects.

- We got one that got buried a little bit.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: A hillside that will blossom with wildflowers and Tiburon. And in San Anselmo, a trail that had been eroding with new fencing now to reroute traffic.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: How do you learn to build a fence?

- Well, you just have to dig the post holes.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Just dig in. A lesson learned by 3 of the first female Eagle Scouts ever, though gender should be irrelevant from now on. Against all odds they set that goal, they made history. A promise is a promise. But you're not boasting about that?

- Oh, I'm pretty excited.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: In San Anselmo, Wayne Freedman, ABC 7 news.