BB gun peddling leads to arrest, charges say

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Jul. 14—The Free Press

MANKATO — A man peddling a BB gun in a Mankato parking ramp Saturday faces charges including meth possession and obstructing the legal process, according to a criminal complaint.

Troy David Palma, 51, of Mankato, was charged with a felony for drug possession, three gross misdemeanors for carrying BB guns in a public place and a gross misdemeanor for obstructing the legal process Monday in Blue Earth County District Court.

The criminal complaint states a Mankato police officer saw Palma in the parking ramp during a routine patrol. Palma was reportedly playing loud music while displaying a BB gun resembling an "assault rifle" for sale in a box.

The officer advised Palma not to peddle the gun or display it in public because it looked like a real firearm and could alarm people. Palma was reportedly in violation of a Mankato ordinance regulating peddling.

A 911 call came in shortly after from the location and officers returned to find Palma yelling at people, according to the complaint. An officer reported Palma had a knife clipped to his pants pocket.

Once told he was violating the city ordinance against peddling, Palma reportedly said, "I am out of here" and reached for the BB gun in the box. Palma reportedly refused to drop the box and fought against the officer's attempts to detain him with the knife still within reach.

Other officers arrived, with one saying she saw what appeared to be handgun underneath Palma's vest. Three officers in total reported bringing Palma to the ground.

The officers learned it was a BB gun under the vest, and they also took another BB gun from his shoulder holster. They reported all the guns looked real.

Palma allegedly had a meth pipe in his vest pocket with residue field testing positive for methamphetamine, along with a baggie containing about 2.5 grams of field-tested meth.

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