BBBS Big Movie Night

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Jul. 31—Big Brothers Big Sister is rolling out the red carpet in Norman with its third annual Big Movie Night.

The fundraising event features parody movie trailers put together by Norman businesses and local supporters with the goal of raising $100,000 for BBBS.

The gala event was developed by BBBS Area Director Jeff Moody, who is always looking for fun and different ways to raise money for the organization.

"We go all out. We have a lot of costumes and a lot of sets. It's really fun stuff," Moody said. "People get really involved, so it's a great time."

The third edition of the event, hosted at NCED Hotel and Conference Center will features movies such as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Top Gun," as well as food and silent auction items.

"As much as its going to be gala style, we are also doing it in Norman's signature way. We're having fun and doing funny stuff. It's a lot of laughs," said Moody. "Every one of the trailers has comedy to it."

The gala is Aug. 20, but supporters have put in work for months to make the event happen.

Krystyn Richardson and her team Bold Multimedia are on hand to help make to sure the movie trailers get made in a way that supports Moody and the BBBS mission.

"I like his energy and creativity and his ability to alway go with the flow," Richardson said. "He has great ideas and never says no to mine. Not only is it super fun, I know that it is important to help the kids in Norman find mentors that help them to grow up in a supportive environment."

Volunteer Amy Million, who helped at the "Top Gun" shoots, says it's important to be involved in community events like this one.

"I love doing all of this stuff because I usually bring my kids and they get to see what we're doing. and it brings awareness to it, and awareness to Norman," said Million.

And in Moody's mind, the more over-the-top and fun you make it, the more attention you'll get.

"That's the way my brains works. Let's have fun and do something crazy. and luckily with our organization, our business is friendship, so why wouldn't we make it something fun and goofy and over the top," said Moody. "The more we get out there and the more people see us the better it is for the organization. and overall it's what's best for these kids and this community"

Bog Brothers Bog Sisters Bog Movie Night is Aug. 20 at the NCED Hotel and Conference Center. Tickets are $150 per person.