BBC Targeting Tom Hanks For Doctor Who Role

‘Doctor Who’ has attracted some impressive guest stars over the years including Brian Blessed, Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellen, and more recently Maisie Williams, but it seems like the Beeb has its sights set on an even higher stratosphere of names for the future.

Peter Capaldi, the actor currently in the lead role, says his BBC bosses asked him to tap up Tom Hanks to appear on the hit sci-fi show.

“I think Doctor Who is a great venue for any kind of actor,“ he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain (via Radio Times). "Funnily enough they were trying to persuade me to…. I was working with Tom Hanks last night and the producer was on to me saying, ‘Try and persuade Tom to come and be in the show’. I did have a word with him but he is very busy at the moment.”

Obviously, the BBC doesn’t want Hanks to play The Doctor himself, but it doesn’t harm to dream does it?

Capaldi says his ideal guests stars would are David Bowie and Keith Richards, but seeing as Bowie hasn’t stepped in front of cameras for a while it seems like a long shot. 

Richards on the other hand has appeared in two ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films and we’d love to see him as gnarly space pirate. 

The Scottish actor was on GMB to promote the Doctor Who Festival taking place this weekend at the ExCel centre in London. Doors open today.

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Image credits: BBC Pictures