Beachgoers amazed by whale shark swimming in harbour

This is the astonishing moment a huge whale shark swam among boats in a harbour. The whale shark, estimated to be four-metres-long, was seen swimming closely to the coast at Bo Thonglang Bay in Prachuap Khiri Khan, southern Thailand on May 8. Local Kuntida Kongkaew was walking along the beach when she saw the wild whale shark swimming around the fishing boat dock in the afternoon. Kuntida, who filmed the creature from a harbour area, said that it was her first time to witness the big fish coming very close to the residential area. She said: ''I’ve seen whale sharks before but I’ve never seen it this close. I was very surprised that it didn’t disappear when more people came to watch him.'' The harmless shark was seen swimming for about an hour before it slowly went back to the ocean in the Gulf of Thailand. The woman also said that there were many rare creatures living in the Bo Thonglang Bay but they often hide under the deep ocean. Kuntida added: ''The beach is very quiet here, so big and small fishes like to swim here to get away from the busy tourist beaches. ''The appearance of the whale shark also shows that the ocean is healthy and the animals aren’t encountered by human beings.''