Bear breaks into California home — and gets chased off by two tiny dogs, video shows

Summer Lin
·1 min read

Deedee Mueller said she was taking a nap Saturday in her Pasadena, California, home with the doors open when her terrier Mei Mei suddenly ran out of the room and started barking “like crazy.”

Mueller’s other terrier Squirt followed suit. “Based on the barks, I knew something was up,” Mueller said on Facebook.

A video of the incident posted on YouTube shows a bear exploring Mueller’s backyard and sniffing around her water fountain before wandering into her kitchen. Two tiny terriers then came running into the kitchen and barking, scaring off the bear.

“You could tell the bear looked nervous inside the house,” Mueller said. “Actually, he (went) into another pond on the other side of the yard but got chased away by the dogs again.”

Mueller said the bear looked “very young,” around 2 or 3 years old.

Mueller has posted other bear encounters on her YouTube channel.