Bear and gorilla art exhibition takes over Paris

STORY: The 10 artworks – two gorillas and eight bears - depict endangered and vulnerable animals, such as mountain gorillas and polar bears, in a reminder of the fragility of the natural world.

“We keep animals from reproducing, we disturb them, we take up all the space. We are like egotistic young children who don't realize that they have to share, that Earth is not only ours, it belongs to every living being,” sculptor Michel Bassompierre said.

“It is an invitation to think about it, to reconsider our way of life, of consuming and to participate in the protection of nature,” said Amina Chatti, a teacher and mother of three.

The exhibition set up by the Haussmann Committee, an association covering the area's businesses, as well as the French Bartoux art gallery, will last until March 31st.