Bear Killed By Car Near UC Davis

The bear was hit and killed on Highway 113.

Video Transcript

- A bear spotted on the UC Davis campus is dead. A car hit it on Highway 113. This is the third bear on campus in the past three years.

- Here's CBS 13's Rachel Wolf.

- This cell phone video had everyone talking. A young bear, running through UC Davis' campus.

- Advised it was about maybe a 200 pound bear. They said it is not fully grown, but not very small.

- Davis Police spent the early morning hours tracking that young bear.

- Additional RP reporting the bear sighting just North of Solano Park off of ODR walking into campus.

- The bear spotted near Solano Park Apartments, then darting down towards the arboretum and [? Puta ?] Creek before hiding out at the Equestrian Center.

- You know, you have the water source. You also have vegetation to hide in. There's trash cans there that might have some food remnants.

- Jamie Sherman, a wildlife veterinarian, says, this is the third bear spotted on campus in three years. And this time, the drought is to blame.

- In years, where their natural resources, their food, their water out in their typical habitat starts to dry up, they're forced to seek that elsewhere.

- The goal is always to tranquilize and transport the bear to happier hunting grounds, which is what happened in 2019 when this juvenile bear climbed a tree near the Hyatt Place Hotel. But in two of the three cases, the bear was hit by a car on Highway 113.

- And that's, unfortunately, probably one of the biggest causes of death, especially in these young, juvenile males. There they're forced to cross roads. They don't quite know what they're doing.

- Shy, juvenile bears, newly separated from their mothers, trying to find their way in a world.

- As long as they are given their space, they're not cornered, typically, they're going to leave people alone.

- That's becoming harder and harder to live in.

- Well, obviously, experts say, if you see a bear, do not approach it. Call wildlife authorities instead.