A Bear Ransacked The Inside Of A Duarte Home For More Than Hour

A family in Duarte had to call police after a bear entered their home and ransacked parts of the house

Video Transcript

BARBARA ROGERS: My husband goes, "There's a bear in the house!"

AMY JOHNSON: Oh, terrifying moments for a family in Duarte last night. They barricaded themselves in a room after a bear walked into their home. The bear ransacked their pantry, feasting on their food. At one point, the homeowner says the wild animal went up to the bedrooms.

BARBARA ROGERS: I was terri-- I'm still shaking. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight. I mean, he can't get back in. We're not going to ever leave that door open again.

AMY JOHNSON: Well, the bear was in their house for more than an hour. When police arrived, they stayed outside, because the bear was still in the kitchen. They waited for animal control, but the bear eventually left on its own. The homeowner is worried the bear will return. She believes this is the same bear that was recently spotted in another part of the neighborhood. Oh, I can't imagine how frightening that was.