What should Bears do with No. 1 pick in NFL Draft? Mel Kiper and Todd McShay debate

What should Bears do with No. 1 overall pick in NFL Draft? originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Chicago Bears have had the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and there has already been a mind-numbing amount of discussion about what they should do with it.

Should the Bears keep it and select a player? Should they trade it for capital?

We got former NFL players saying they're hearing the Bears will take a quarterback and trade Justin Fields, even.

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On ESPN, draft experts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay shared their opinions and they're vastly different.

"What you don't do is trade Justin Fields and draft a quarterback," Kiper led off with.

He's previously said that if Fields was in this draft class he'd be his top-quarterback prospect. He also has the Bears using that No. 1 overall pick on Jalen Carter in his first mock draft.

"How do you see the Bears not trading out of the No. 1?" McShay asked Kiper. "You've got Houston, you've got Indy, you have teams that want a quarterback.

"You've got Bryce Young, you've got your number one quarterback in Will Levis, you've got C.J. Stroud, who you have going number one in terms of the quarterbacks in this class, why wouldn't the Bears trade the number one spot and get additional picks and try to build an organization?"

McShay has also reported the Texans will try to trade down to No. 1.

Kiper does outline a scenario that would make the Bears salivate. But he cautions it's really dependent on the quarterback-needy teams feeing particularly enamored with a quarterback during the scouting process.

"What you hope to have happen is that Houston at No. 2 and Indy at No. 4 feel there's a quarterback we have to get we got to go get them," Kiper said. "And if No. 2 Houston feels that way, go down to No. 1 from No. 2.

"Then if Indy says, hey, we got to get that second quarterback. We've got to get that guy go down to No. 2 from No. 4. Then you know you're still getting a defensive player that can help you there.

"So you got to hope, if you're the Bears, that there's a quarterback that jumps out to those teams that they have to have.

"If they feel all three are equal, then it's going to be difficult to make that move down. So I think it depends upon really, guys, how these two teams, Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, rank and grade those quarterbacks."

The Bears trading down twice to land ultimately at No. 4 is a dream scenario. The pick capital that would bring in for general manager Ryan Poles, while still having the Bears in position to draft either Will Anderson Jr or Jalen Carter, is ideal.

But we'll see what happens.

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