Bears top list of potential landing spots for Colin Kaepernick

Bryan Perez

Despite Bears coach Matt Nagy directing all questions about Colin Kaepernick to GM Ryan Pace, who doesn't speak to the media during the season, and there being no indication Chicago will attend Kaepernick's workout on Saturday in Atlanta, there continues to be a growing sense that the Bears are the most logical destination for the one-time 49ers starter.

USA Today ranked how Kaepernick would fit for all 32 teams, and the Bears came out on top. 

No other way to say it, but a 29th-ranked offense led by regressing QB Mitchell Trubisky is holding this team back. The defending NFC North champs aren't dead yet, but how much longer can Trubisky keep them on life support?

Kaepernick, like every veteran quarterback who will eventually be available on the open market, seems like a logical tire for the Bears to kick. There's no reason for Pace to ignore any potential upgrade, and if Kaepernick has proven one thing during his time as the 49ers starter it's that he can make the kind of throws Trubisky hasn't put on his resume yet.

That said, it's been three years since Kaepernick has played a down in the NFL. There's no way he'd be ready to help Chicago make a playoff push in 2019. He'll need an entire offseason before he can be factored into the starting-quarterback conversation, and with that being the case, does it make any sense for Chicago to sign him now? 

Additionally, quarterbacks like Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Ryan Tannehill, Marcus Mariota and Teddy Bridgewater should be available once the season ends. They all seem like better options for the Bears if they're ready to move on from Trubisky.

If Pace has proven one thing, it's that he keeps his quarterback cards close to his chest. He gave no indication during the 2017 draft cycle that Trubisky was his guy, and he's giving no indication now that Kaepernick is on his wish list.

Chicago's lack of perceived interest doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't any. Stay tuned.

Bears top list of potential landing spots for Colin Kaepernick originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago