Beauty professionals 'angry' over lack of vaccine eligibility

"We're evidently dangerous enough to shut down but not important enough to get a vaccine," says the owner of a Castro barbershop, as San Francisco enters the red tier.

Video Transcript

MATT BOONE: At M Spa in the Castro, co-owner Andrew Tran says they were able to open for massages and waxing a few weeks ago, but it's been slow.

ANDREW TRAN: Probably only about 25% of capacity of revenue that we are receiving.

MATT BOONE: With the change to the red tier, they can now offer facials and other treatments that require the masks to be off, though they're still waiting to see if there's enough demand.

ANDREW TRAN: For some people, it's still they don't feel comfortable. And we have people coming in saying that, oh, I'm going to wait until I got all my shots before I come back.

MATT BOONE: As a licensed massage therapist, he said he was already able to get his vaccine.

But just down the street at Joe's Barbershop, they say they're still not yet eligible to get the vaccine.

JOE GALLAGHER: We're evidently dangerous enough to shut down, but not important enough to get a vaccine. I'm a little angry.

MATT BOONE: Owner Joe Gallagher says he thinks being vaccinated would help reduce hesitancy among his customers as well.

JOE GALLAGHER: It'll make everybody feel more secure who's working here. It'll make the customers feel more secure knowing that we're vaccinated.

MATT BOONE: We reached out to the State Cosmetology Board, which says they have no jurisdiction over vaccines, or when their members will receive one. Nevertheless, the move to the red tier was good news for Joe, who says they'll now be able to offer beard trims and shaves, a big part of their business.

JOE GALLAGHER: I'm just grateful. I mean, we're going to, I think, see a pretty big uptick in business now that we can actually do beards and mustaches. It's going to be, ahh, like, even five more cuts a day will be good.

MATT BOONE: In the Castro, Matt Boone, ABC 7 News.