Beauty TikTokers normalize skin texture, show how lighting and editing impact final social media photos: 'I always thought I was doing makeup wrong'

In the age of photoshopping, beauty filters and ring lights, it can be hard to remember that not everyone looks exactly like they do in their Instagram feeds.

But just in case the public has forgotten, some beauty influencers are going the extra mile to remind them.

TikTokers are filming up close and personal shots of their skin — pimples, dark spots and all — in an effort to show their natural skin texture without any fancy lighting or editing tricks. And honestly, it’s pretty refreshing to see.

“Gentle reminder,” @yazmooremakeup says in one viral TikTok. “This is the same skin as this.”

In it, she changes the camera angle to show how her face looks under professional lighting (in other words, smooth and flawless) and then what it looks like without said lighting (which is somewhat bumpy and dry under her makeup).

The point is that the right lighting — along with professional makeup and filters — can change everything. And as we use them in our everyday lives, they continue to play tricks on the mind.

Other influencers who’ve hopped on this trend include Abby Roberts (@abbyroberts), who gave her own honest beauty tutorial without any fancy lighting at all.

Even after Roberts is done applying her makeup, she reminds her followers that “makeup will always look like makeup.”

“Texture is normal,” she added in the caption.

In response, a lot of TikTokers have been grateful for the transparency.

“I always thought I was doing makeup wrong or that my skin was jus much worse than others bc of the texture,” one person said after watching Roberts’ video.

“Thank you for sharing this, I’ve always struggled with makeup because I thought texture was a sign that you weren’t doing it right,” another person responded.

“I don’t think this makeup people doing this trend realise how much it means to some people,” one commenter declared.

And to that, Roberts replied, saying, “i do, and i want to use my platform to show that.”

She’s far from alone.

Scroll through the hashtag #texturedskin, and you’ll see plenty more videos just like this.

“Texture is a thing, don’t be scared to show your real skin,” shared one makeup artist in another video. “I think this is the most important message we need to pass down to our children. Don’t believe what you see on social media! It’s not real.”

Another influencer, Taylor Efford (@taylorefford), shared close-ups of her face with makeup that still showed skin pores and bumpy patches.

“Normalizing texture + acne like it’s my day job,” she captioned the post.

“gorgeous gorgeous girls have real skin,” one commenter said — to which Effort replied, “THIS.”

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