Beaver Co. Community Remembers Siblings Allegedly Killed By Mother

People poured into the P.J. Caul Memorial Park in Beaver County for a memorial service on Tuesday. KDKA's Royce Jones has more.

Video Transcript

JACI PALMER: Don't remember them for what happened to them. Remember them for who they are and keep their light alive. Like they deserve that.

STACY SMITH: Friends, family, and people in the Beaver County community are still shaken and asking why, why, according to police, would a mother shoot and kill her children? Krisinda Bright is accused in the shooting death of 16-year-old Jeffrey Bright and 22-year-old Jasmine Cannady. Thank you for joining us at 6:00. I'm Stacy Smith.

KYM GABLE: And I'm Kym Gable. Tonight, we're learning new details about these tragic murders. It was yesterday afternoon when police were first called to Bright's home on Maplewood Avenue. According to court documents, that's where officers found Bright covered in blood. Police say she told them it was from the victims. They say Bright shot one of her children in their bed then went downstairs to shoot the other. Police say the gun didn't go off and one of the children asked Bright, "Please don't shoot." Bright is now charged with homicide.

Friends and family are coming together tonight to remember these lives lost too soon. A vigil is just getting underway for Jeffrey and Jasmine. Royce Jones is there at the vigil and shows us how the community is paying tribute. Royce.

ROYCE JONES: Kym, good evening, well there is an outpour of community support as people pour into the PJ Caul Community Park here in Ambridge. Behind me you can see this group of about 30, maybe 40 people here consisting of loved ones, friends, and family members of those two victims. We know that DA David Lozier is here tonight alongside members of the Ambridge School Board. But while this incident was tragic, tonight people who loved both of those victims say they will not be remembered for it.

I don't want them to think of the tragedy. I want them to think of these two beautiful souls who touched a lot of lives while they were here.

Jaci Palmer and Heather Reed run PRISM, a support group for LGBTQ youth in Beaver County, a second home for 16-year-old Jeffrey Bright, also known as JJ.

HEATHER REED: JJ is very loud, very happy.

ROYCE JONES: Sister, 22-year-old Jasmine Bright would often tag along for meetings.

JACI PALMER: She was very quiet, but very sweet.

ROYCE JONES: Two different people sharing one same brightness.

JACI PALMER: They both were very talented, very artistic and just good kids, really good kids. They were both very sweet.

ROYCE JONES: The Ambridge home where the siblings were killed now a memorial site. Friends tell me it was totally unexpected but admit in hindsight something definitely seemed off with their mother and alleged killer.

HEATHER REED: We didn't even recognize that she unfriended us on Facebook. Like, that's what makes me think there was something going on.

ROYCE JONES: And while the community heals from this tragedy, some are defending her character and calling for forgiveness.

HEATHER REED: She doesn't know how special she really is, you know? I wish she would've reached out to me or someone.

JACI PALMER: My heart's broken. As a mom to a mom, my heart is absolutely broken.

ROYCE JONES: Tonight here at the celebration of life, there is expected to be a balloon release, candles, and flowers passed around. We also know that PRISM is providing emotional support for members of its organization. Reporting live in ambridge, Royce Jones KDKA News.