Becker Native Is Possible First Round Pick

Dillon Radunz is projected as a late first or early second round pick. He grew up in Becker and was a main stay at North Dakota State as an offensive tackle. Now this is a special week for him and his family, reports Mike Max (1:58). WCCO 4 News - April 28, 2021

Video Transcript

- Dillon Radunz grew up in Becker. He was a mainstay at North Dakota State University as an offensive tackle. This is a special week for he and his family. The only regret, there is one special person missing.

MIKE MAX: It started at Becker High School, unbeaten at state champions his junior and senior season.

- --five, and into the end zone, for a Becker Bulldog touchdown.

MIKE MAX: Extended to college. Unbeaten in four seasons. That's right, six straight years without a football defeat.

DILLON RADUNZ: I mean, it's crazy to think about, especially just lacing up playing football and not realizing what it feels like to lose at the end of a game in the most recent years. So yeah, it's definitely interesting to think about. It's an awesome stat.

MIKE MAX: All of that is leading him to draft day. He is high on the list of offensive linemen. He is not particular where he will play.

DILLON RADUNZ: I get that question all the time. It's like, well, what team do you want to go to? And I mean, the cliche but true answer is like, I'll go to any team that wants me. I want to be a part of a team, and I want to be part of the reason why that team wins.

MIKE MAX: There will be one person missing from his draft celebration. He lost his father when he was in junior high, and he lost one of his biggest fans.

DILLON RADUNZ: The bond we had that I grew up playing football, this sport means a lot to me in so many different ways than just me playing it. But also it means that I can have that connection with my dad when I'm on the field.

MIKE MAX: His younger brother is also part of the [? bias, ?] part of the support network.

DILLON RADUNZ: Me and my brother have an unbreakable bond that we kind of share. And just being able to play with him in high school, and being able to hug him after games, and even for that one game in college, being able to hug him after the game. I mean, it's huge.

MIKE MAX: So he's prepared for this next step. He's got the look and the attention of the NFL scouts. And that six-year unbeaten streak? Well, it can't hurt.

DILLON RADUNZ: I know it's very unprecedented to see an undefeated team in the league. But who knows, maybe I'll be a good luck charm somewhere.

- I guess so, huh? The Vikings could use someone like him.