Bed-Stuy Marcy Houses' Coronavirus Deaths Near City's Top: Data

Matt Troutman

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, BROOKLYN — At least 21 residents at the Marcy Houses in Bed-Stuy died of coronavirus, making the storied projects one of — if not the most — deadly NYCHA developments during the pandemic, according to newly-released city data.

City health officials on Monday bowed to weeks of pressure and unveiled specific data on how the coronavirus affected hundreds of thousands of NYCHA residents.

The numbers are bleak: 943 NYCHA residents who died from lab-confirmed COVID-19, plus 298 more people whose deaths likely were due to coronavirus.

There have been 7,818 coronavirus cases among NYCHA residents citywide as of May 11, according to city data.

Marcy Houses has the most confirmed deaths — 21 — of any NYCHA project. It might also have the most deaths overall, but the city's data only shows an asterisk for Marcy's probable coronavirus deaths.

An asterisk means less than five deaths, according to a health department spokesman. City officials declined to release specific low death numbers because of "privacy protections," he said.

That means the NYCHA death data is riddled with asterisks, all representing anywhere from zero to four deaths at Marcy and numerous other projects citywide.

Grant Houses in Manhattan has more total listed deaths with 22, the data shows. There aren't any asterisks for Grant, nor for Bronx River, which also had 21 deaths listed.

Marcy had the fourth-most coronavirus cases overall with 106, according to the data.

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This article originally appeared on the Bed-Stuy Patch