Bedford Police Investigate Reports Of Teens Causing Damage At Trampoline Park, Throwing Rocks At Cars And Fighting

A review of the business posted on Facebook described groups of teens throwing rocks at cars, climbing onto the rooftops of the development and engaging in sexual activity behind dumpsters on the property.

Video Transcript

- Social media complaints and calls about out of control teenagers at a shopping center has now grabbed the attention of police in Bedford. Jason Allen was there today, in fact, as police met with some business owners who told him, this has been an issue for almost a year.

JASON ALLEN: There are alleys that run between the buildings at this Bedford shopping center. Some of them go past empty storefronts. And that has been a magnet, according to complaints, for teenagers who may actually start their night over here, at this trampoline park, but they don't stay there. Bedford police were out here today, meeting with the franchise owner at this Urban Air location, and the company told me that the owner reached out to police directly once these complaints started spreading publicly on social media, and through calls to the city over the last couple of days.

Some of those complaints, that teens throw rocks at passing cars, that they make employees feel threatened, that kids have been taking turns with each other, engaging in sex behind generators and dumpsters. Well, the city told me police have not received any direct reports about that sexual activity. They were here twice this month to break up fights between juveniles in the parking lot, and people who work at businesses told me it's enough of an issue that their employees don't want to do simple things like take the trash out.

An Urban Air representative said the location here has already hired extra uniformed officers to be here over the weekend. It's also requiring wristbands for people to come in, and it won't let them leave and come back after 8 o'clock at night. The city expected the fire department and code enforcement would also be involved, doing inspections, working with property management, before anything more serious happens.

In Bedford, Jason Allen, CBS 11 News.