The bedroom 'rule' Nate Berkus always breaks – and how he still gets a good night's sleep

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 Nate Berkus for mDesign
Nate Berkus for mDesign

Rules are made to be broken – but what about those that may influence our well-being? The answer, according to Nate Berkus, is personal.

'Wellness is personal. It's even more personal than design' – he says in an exclusive interview with H&G. Nate, who is known for starring alongside his husband Jeremiah Brent in HGTV's Nate & Jeremiah by Design – recently launched a new collection with mDesign – including some of the best bed sheets on the market. It's no coincidence, therefore, that sleep is very much on the designer's mind – but his response to a famous bedroom 'rule' is slightly more surprising.

'I used to have a no TV rule in the bedroom (which Oprah supported) that's gone out of the window because I've traded that rule for Sunday morning cartoons with my children in bed, which I love, and which I would never give up,' he says.

Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus

When looking for ways to sleep better, you've likely heard the 'no TV' rule repeated time and time again – however – as Nate suggests, the best way to create a therapeutic space is to ensure it works for you – regardless of conventions. And this is different for every single person.

'My instinct for my own personal sanity and relaxation in a bedroom is to keep it largely neutral – which I have done in creating and crafting these five different collections – and not using a tremendous of patterns and jarring colors. That works for me. It's what I like to wake up to and how I ease myself into the morning,' he says.

In the same way that neutrals bring Nate peace, having a TV in his bedroom works for him. It makes his children (and consequently him) happy, and therefore, it has its place. 'Other people, including my own mother, live in an explosion of color. Her bedroom is layered with Mexican textiles and all these amazing things that I would never want to open my eyes and see. But it makes her smile every morning. Wellness is more personal than design.'

Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus

Ensuring your bedroom works for you is among the most impactful ways to promote a peaceful (and sleep-inducing space), but of course, there's a lot to be said about choosing the best bedding.

Investment in well-made bedding – that's really comfortable – that washes well, and that feels like it's yours,' Nate says.

'I travel a great deal, and I'm back and forth in all kinds of hotels – but I know what my own sheets feel like. That, to me, is as sensory as the smell of my home – or the potpourri we keep in our homes.'

Inevitably, Nate's collection with mDesign is a failsafe place to look when looking for the best places to buy bedding. We've listed our three favorite picks below.

Stripe Quilt Set

Designed by Nate and crafted with comfort in mind, this neutral-hued set only gets softer over time. We love that they're exactly what the designer spoke about (in terms of colors), and they will work seamlessly in any setting.

Sateen Pillowcase Set

These thick, soft sateen cotton pillows are smooth to the touch and breathable all year round. mDesign crafted the pillows with premium, 100% cotton fibers (with a sateen weave), so they'll impress for longer.

Sateen Sheet Set

This ultra-soft sheet set has a 360-degree elastic band and a 15-inch deep pocket that is designed to tailor-fit large mattresses. It includes a size/directional label to make dressing your bed easier than ever before.