Belarus considers possibility of covert mobilisation General Staff report

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THURSDAY, 30 JUNE 2022, 07:07

Military commissariats in Brest and Gomel oblasts of Belarus are considering different ways of conducting covert mobilisation of the population.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 06:00 on 30 June

Details: On the Volyn and Polissia fronts, units of the Belarusian Armed Forces continue to cover the areas of Brest and Gomel oblasts (Belarus) near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.

There were no changes on the Sivershchyna front.

On the Kharkiv front, Russian forces continue to hold the defence of their positions and used tanks, mortars, and gun and rocket artillery to fire on certain districts in the city of Kharkiv, as well as the towns and villages of Pytomnyk, Ukrainka, Peremoha, Dementiivka, Prudianka, Korobochkyne, and Rubizhne.

Ukrainian Defence Forces repelled an assault Russian troops launched in the area of Dementiivka, forcing the occupying forces to retreat. Russian aircraft conducted airstrikes near Prudianka and Verkhnii Saltiv.

Russian troops are regrouping and holding the line on the Sloviansk front. They used different types and calibres of artillery to fire in the areas around Mazanivka, Dibrivne, and Krasnopillia.

On the Donetsk front, Russian occupying forces are attempting, with the support of artillery, to blockade Lysychansk and to establish control over part of the main road between Lysychansk and Bakhmut. They fired on civilian infrastructure in parts of Lysychansk, Verkhniokamianka, and Siversk and conducted an airstrike near Vovchoiarivka. Russian forces are attempting to advance near Vovchoiarivka and are storming the area near the Lysychansk oil refinery. Fighting continues.

Russia did not undertake active combat operations on the Kramatorsk front, but used artillery to fire on Ukrainian troop positions.

On the Bakhmut front, Russian troops shelled the areas near Berestove, Pokrovske, and Zvanivka and conducted an airstrike in the area around Pokrovske. Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled a Russian assault and inflicted significant losses on the Russian occupying forces in the vicinity of Klynove and Novoluhanske. Ukrainian troops also repelled an assault on the Vuhelhirska Thermoelectric Power Plant, forcing the Russians to retreat.

On the Avdiivka, Kurakhove, Novopavlivka, and Zaporizhzhia fronts, Russian forces fired on the areas around Vodiane, Avdiivka, Mariinka, Vuhledar, Poltavka, Novoukrainske, Novosilka, and Orikhove, and conducted airstrikes on Ukrainian positions near Avdiivka and Shcherbaky. The Russians attempted to storm the area near Pavlivka, but were unsuccessful and retreated.

On the Pivdennyi Buh front, Russia continues to systematically fire on civilian and military infrastructure and is regrouping its troops. Russian aircraft conducted missile strikes on the areas around Kniazivka, Potiomkine, and Bereznehuvate and conducted aerial reconnaissance in the area. There is a threat of missile strikes on the region’s critical infrastructure.

Two Russian naval cruise missile carriers (equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles) remain in Black Sea waters and are at the ready to launch missiles.