Belarus could get Iskander division from Russia, say local monitors

Iskandars in Belarus
Iskandars in Belarus

According to the monitors, the Belarusian military has begun full independent operation of the Iskander operational and tactical missile complex.

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The soldiers have already undergone military training in Russia and carried out practical drills at a training ground in Belarus, Hajun said, referring to information from the Russian Defense Ministry.

“The complex includes: a self-propelled launcher, a transport and loading vehicle, a command and staff vehicle, (and) a regulation and maintenance vehicle…” the monitors said.

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“Judging by the published photos/footage, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus could receive one Iskander division.”

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Spokesman of the State Border Service Andriy Demchenko said on Jan. 6 that the situation on the border with Belarus remains under observation, and that Ukrainian border guards have not detected the movement of enemy equipment or personnel near the border.

Later on Jan. 30, he said that there were only about 9,000 Russian troops in Belarus.

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