Belarus dictator Lukashenko orders dry run of mobilization in practice

Belarus dictator Lukashenko
Belarus dictator Lukashenko

"Through military commissariats, we have been checking and will continue to check the military personnel, all persons liable for military service, who are in our reserve," the dictator said.

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According to him, it is necessary to check "in every district, no fuss, no muss."

The dictator claims that this has nothing to do with mobilization. Russia, whose dictator Vladimir Putin called for a “partial mobilization” in the country on Sept. 21 in response to overwhelming battlefield failures in Ukraine, has suffered from a variety of major and minor issues in mobilizing the Kremlin’s desired number of men. These include logistical failures, inter-service violence, lack of training, and large-scale desertion and draft dodging.

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Lukashenko admitted on Oct. 4 that Belarus is involved in the war against Ukraine, though he claims that Belarus has not actively attempted to murder Ukrainian troops.

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