'Belarus doesn't get diplomatic language' - Opp leader

"Lukashenko's regime understands only the language of power", she said.

Adding that the currently imposed sanctions on the country had "unfortunately left rather a lot of loopholes" and didn't work effectively.

After a conference with Schallenberg, as well as Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Linhart and EU Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi, Tsikhanouskaya said she was hoping for a continued EU sanction policy that will hit the most important institutions regime and president and banks and businesses.

While stating that Lukashenko remains "a major challenge for all of us", Schallenberg also stressed the important role Western companies could play in Belarus: "If they pulled out tomorrow, which would be their own decision, then they would be replaced by other companies from other countries where maybe rule of law, human rights and you know, being responsible to a public is not an issue."

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