Belarus to extend Polish border fortifications

Construction of a stronghold has begun in the Brest region of Belarus
Construction of a stronghold has begun in the Brest region of Belarus
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A new set of fortifications, referred to as the "Khrenin Line," is set to be constructed in Belarus's Brest Oblast, according to a June 20 post by local monitoring group Belarusian Hajun on Telegram.

The group said the fortifications are being erected near the village of Zhabinka, situated 28 kilometers from the Polish border and 47 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. Current construction involves making trenches and dugouts.

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"Given the scale of the construction, we've decided that it is the construction of at least a stronghold, maybe as part of a wider fortified area," the message said.

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Heavy construction equipment has been brought in and concrete pyramids known as "dragon teeth," car tires, wooden planks, and logs are also being used in the construction. Both military and civilian builders are participating in the project.

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Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko dismissed the Ukrainian counteroffensive as a "fake," but nonetheless ordered fortifications to be built near the M8 highway leading to the border with Ukraine.

In a video posted online, "dragon's teeth" were spotted in Belarus's Homel Oblast, just 20 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

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