Belarus extends military exercises once again

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Belarus has once again extended its military exercises - until 20 August at least.

Source: Belaruski Hajun, a Belarusian Telegram channel monitoring military activity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Details: The training schedule at the Belarusian training grounds indicates the extension.

14 August will be a day off for all training grounds, and 13 August will also be a day off for some training grounds.

Five training grounds were excluded from the exercises, but two new ones have been added: the 210th aviation range of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces (Ruzhany firing range) and the shooting range near the village of Vyalets (Volozhin district).


Military exercises in Belarus have been extended for a week since 29 April. The total number of extensions is 16 weeks.

"It should be noted that the Belarusian army has become better prepared for defensive operations, but it is still not prepared for a large-scale offensive due to the lack of real combat experience," the monitoring group believes.

Previously: Belarus extended military exercises for its Armed Forces by another week to 13 August.

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