Belarusian ice hockey team disqualified from selection for Olympics, where they could have played Ukraine

Stock photo: Getty Images
Stock photo: Getty Images

The Belarusian ice hockey team has been disqualified from the selection for the 2026 Olympics, where they could have been one of Ukraine’s rivals in the final round.

Source: Suspilne Sport; International Ice Hockey Federation

Details: The exclusion of Russia and Belarus from ice hockey has been extended until at least the end of the 2024/25 season. The decision was made by the International Ice Hockey Federation.

This means that both teams will miss the 2024 world championship.

Quote: "Based on a thorough analysis, the IIHF Council concluded that it is not yet safe to reincorporate the Russian and Belarusian Teams back into IIHF Competitions. Therefore, Russia and Belarus will not participate in the 2024/2025 IIHF championship season.

This decision will also apply to the Belarusian team regarding the Final Olympic Qualification Round that will be played in August 2024."

Details: It will be at least a year before the decision is reviewed again.

Background: It was revealed on 12 February that the Ukrainian ice hockey team has reached the final round of the selection for the 2026 Olympic Games. Belarus could have been competing with Ukraine to qualify for the next round.

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