Belgian brand turns 'Black Friday' green

STORY: This Belgian brand has swapped ‘Black Friday’ for ‘Green Friday’

Instead of seducing shoppers with massive sales

fashion brand Xandres closed all of its thirteen stores in Belgium

and took the day to repair worn out clothes its customers had returned to them

[Patrick Desrumaux, Xandres CEO]

“Black Friday is a festival of sales: buy as much clothing as possible, at as much discount as possible and that doesn’t fit in the sustainable philosophy that we stand for and instead of ‘Black Friday’ we are participating in ‘Green Friday’. We are very extreme in that, you can’t buy anything at all with us today. All the shops are closed, the web shop is closed and instead of buying we are going to grant a longer life to clothes by repairing all the clothes that were brought in.”

Location: Destelbergen, Belgium

Over 100 employees, including the CEO, gathered at the company headquarters

Together, they stitched up almost 600 items of clothing