Belgorod announces new shelling "by Ukraine"

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The governor of Russian Belgorod, Viacheslav Gladkov, said that one of the villages was shelled "by Ukraine."

Source: Gladkov on Telegram, public "Tin Belgorod"

Details: It is reported that the village of Solokhi, Belgorod region, was shelled by Ukraine.

There is alleged information about one victim, as well as destruction.

Photos of the destruction and the victim are not shown. However, photos of something that "flew into the village" are spread in chat rooms.

For reference: It is important to note that Gladkov uses only the directions of the flight "from Ukraine," but does not claim that the shelling was carried out from the territory of Ukraine.


Reminder: on May 17 Gladkov wrote about the attack from Ukraine on the village of Bezimeno.