If you believe in the Bible, do you see a message about morality in the climate?

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What is God trying to tell us?

I agree with the consensus that climate change is a serious problem. But one factor might be overlooked: God’s hand in all this.

In ancient days, as presented by Jewish and Christian scriptures, God often promised that there would be serious ecological ramifications attendant to widespread disobedience and immorality.

Could it be that we need a gut check to see where we are as a society, such that our ecological disasters may have moral underpinnings?

- Thomas F. Harkins Jr., Fort Worth

I don’t want Afghans in the US

If President Joe Biden is so concerned about unvaccinated people that he implores employers to police their employees, maybe he should look to all the immigrants and Afghan refugees he is letting into the country without being tested for the virus or wearing masks. He seems to be more concerned about noncitizens than about American citizens.

We productive individuals will pay for education, medical care, housing and other necessities for all those who have entered the country without working skills and who don’t speak English. This is not the country that I grew up in.

- Clista Hancock, Arlington

This isn’t the country of 9/11

The recent 20-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks permitted us to appreciate America’s resilience in the face of tragedy. The killing of 3,000 of our countrymen in a single day has forever changed our nation.

Yet the loss of a similar number every two days to the coronavirus doesn’t engender the same sense of “we’re all in this together.” Instead, we see many of our citizenry shirk their patriotic duty to look out for each other or even protect their own families. They are led by cynical, opportunistic politicians willing to sacrifice their supporters to tap into that mindless rage.

How did we create a death cult in response to a simple virus? How do we incorporate that selfish rabble back into the body politic?

- Charles Stonick, Granbury

How Democrats could mess up

If Texas Democrats launch a “rally the base” campaign with a blind eye toward rural voters, they will feel let down in 2022. Only a pact with independents will defeat Gov. Greg Abbott.

The Republican nightmare would be former House Speaker Joe Straus running for governor as an independent. If Democrats ignore the views of independent voters until the general election, Abbott wins. If Democrats strategically forgo a high-profile nominee for governor, Straus wins.

Even if Beto O’Rourke won the governorship, Republicans would still hold the Texas Senate. Instead, Democrats should make a pact with independents to replace Abbott with Straus and work to elect O’Rourke to the U.S. Senate.

- Jeff Harper, Fort Worth

Another cold winter is looming

The Farmers’ Almanac predicts another harsh winter for Texas. Our elected leaders know it but opted to leave the topic of energy off the Legislature’s special-session agendas.

Last year, 4.5 million households and businesses were left to endure the winter storm alone, unprotected from the freezing temperatures. Our leaders must ensure that Texas is equipped to handle severe weather. Without legislative action, Texas’ electrical grid will remain unprepared to battle another winter storm.

Winter is coming. It will not wait for our leaders to decide whether it is worth discussing. They need to make it a priority.

- Talan Tyminski, Fort Worth

Burns’ skills have no equals

I thoroughly enjoyed Mac Engel’s Sept. 14 column, “Burns’ new Muhammad Ali documentary as good as you’d expect.” (1B)

I am a Ken Burns fan, and this was a wonderful introduction to the series through the question-and-answer format with the filmmaker.

Although Ali would probably not be my first choice for a documentary subject matter, I am now convinced that this was a perfect topic: a world-class athlete with major roles in race, war, faith and politics. He was a remarkable figure who reflected so much of the 20th century’s themes, as stated in the column.

As a fan of Burns, I am impressed by his commitment to his art form and how he provides such high-quality nonfiction storytelling.

- Penny Baxter, North Richland Hills

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