Bella Hadid Apologizes For Offensive Picture After Furious Backlash

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    "Many Arab cultures consider shoes dirty, and showing the soles of shoes is a sign of disrespect. " Many other cultures consider the oppression of a woman's personal sovereignty barbaric and treating them as cattle as a sign of great disrespect. I guess we'll all just have to learn to desensitize ourselves to each other's differences.
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    If I worked at Yahoo headquarters I would be offending people all day long
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    Kate E
    disrespecting a country is not racist. It is disrespectful.
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    Blowing up innocent people? Not a problem. Showing your shoe? Now THAT'S insulting.
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    "Many Arab cultures consider shoes dirty, and showing the soles of shoes is a sign of disrespect."
    Fine, but don't impose this view onto all others who don't consider that.
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    Tell them to go pound sand. They have a lot of it..
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    She apologized , move on
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    Snowflakes melt faster in the desert.
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    We live in a perpetually offended world. We jumped the shark
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    I am totally offended by her showing the sole of her shoe.
    I don't know how I will be able to search the internet for nude pictures of her anymore.
    I think she owes me money for my grief and discomfort!