Bella Hadid Takes the Utility Vest to the Extreme

Christian Allaire

This season, the focus is on utility jumpsuits, cargo pants, and more industrial-feeling pieces, all of which add a rugged feel to an outfit. Think something you’d see on a dusty construction site—only paired with cuter bags and shoes. (No steel-toe work boots allowed.) Someone who’s on board with the look is Bella Hadid. Today, the top model was spotted in Paris taking the trend to the extreme.

Celebrity Sightings In Paris - November 14, 2019

Photo: Getty Images

Hadid wore a head-to-toe cargo look by the notable newcomer Reese Cooper that calls for a game of, “How many pockets is she wearing?” She began with the designer's knitted zip-up vest in hunter green, which had three large Velcro pockets on the front. She wore it over a simple black long-sleeve tee by Local Authority. Her black high-waisted trousers also had a ton of cargo pockets. She offset the bulkiness with a more minimal shoe: sleek white low-top sneakers by Nike. Though she had more carrying compartments than one person needs, she still slung a tiny shoulder bag over the shoulder—her signature accessory, along with her Matrix-style sunglasses and gold hoops, of course.

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