Bellingham Herald internship looks to encourage the next generation of community journalists

Julie Shirley/The Bellingham Herald

The Bellingham Herald and McClatchy are looking to encourage and train the next generation of community journalists with our paid summer internship program.

Our recruiting site is open with details about our 10-week summer program. The positions are generally posted in October and we look to make our selections in early winter. You can apply here.

Interns generally have just graduated or are going into their senior year of college or are entering master’s degree programs. Candidates need to have worked at least a year for their campus media or have had other internships/media work experience. Applications need to include writing and photo/video samples.

Successful candidates will gain experience in covering breaking news and in developing audience-centered trend stories. Several have gone on to full-time careers in Bellingham and at other McClatchy media companies.

In addition to opportunities at The Bellingham Herald, McClatchy offers paid internships in its 29 other markets. You can find application links for other cities here.