Beloved Bus Driver Ed Schoeller Remembered For Generosity And Sense Of Humor

50-year-old Ed Schoeller died on Easter Sunday from complications due to COVID-19, Liz Collin reports () WCCO 4 News At 5 - April 23, 2021

Video Transcript

- A beloved school bus driver is being remembered for his generosity and sense of humor.

- 50-year-old Ed Schoeller died on Easter Sunday from complications due to COVID-19. In our ongoing series, WCCO's Liz Collins shares how the man behind the wheel spent his life looking out for others.

- Being in radio, it's all about me.

- As a well-known voice on KQRS in the '90s, Mindy Collins will never forget the unlikely friendship forged at a live broadcast.

- We sat down at my table, and we had the shirts out. And he had the prizes and whatnot, and I just invited him to sit down. I was really drawn to him. There was something about him that was kind, and he started joking immediately. His name was Ed Schoeller. We have been friends ever since.

- Schoeller grew up with six siblings in Hugo. Whether it was searching for people to push out of the snow, changing stranger's tires, or lending friends cash, he defined compassion.

- Every time we had a conversation, it was about him being concerned about someone, and going, and helping.

- That carried through on the school bus he drove for 27 years for Rebind Transit taking kids to and from Centennial and White Bear Lake High Schools and dropping off food to the students he worried wouldn't get enough when schools were closed for much of the year.

STEVE LATOUR: He was one of many in our industry that have stuck around through all this and have worked every day.

- Schoeller worked that job, until March 19. A few days later, he was hospitalized and on a ventilator, fighting COVID-19. On Easter Sunday, Schoeller took his last breath at St. Joseph's Hospital. The same hospital, where 50 years earlier, he took his first.

- It is tragic, you know, especially a guy who is so friendly and caring, willing to do so much for family, co-workers, and friends.

- I miss him, and COVID is real.

- Liz Collin, WCCO 4 News.