‘Beloved’ statue stolen from Boy Scouts may have been found — kind of, SC photos show

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A life-sized statue was stolen from the Boy Scouts — then came “disappointing” news in South Carolina, officials said.

Dozens of pieces of scrap metal might be all that’s left of the bronze figure that once stood in the Charleston area, photos show.

“Unfortunately this is not the outcome that we hoped for but we are already working to replace the beloved statue,” the Coastal Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts of America wrote June 1 on Facebook.

Photos shared online show the 6-foot statue of a child in uniform and what it might have become: smaller metal pieces bound for a scrap yard.

The North Charleston Police Department said it responded on May 31 to a Boy Scouts of America office on Medical Plaza Drive. Workers reported that a statue had disappeared from in front of the building.

“There were 4 bolts that fastened the statue to a base though 2 of them appeared to have been ripped from the base and the other 2 were possibly cut,” police said in an incident report.

After the reported theft, the Boy Scouts made a Facebook post asking for information about the missing statue, which dates to the 1930s and was last seen before Memorial Day weekend. The group planned to offer a $1,000 reward, according to officials.

“It definitely wasn’t one person (who) just decided on a whim they were (going) to pick it up and tow it with them,” said Scout Executive Jason Smith, according to WCSC.

Scout leaders warned scrap metal businesses about the statue, which could cost up to $50,000 to replace, the TV station reported. The mystery was likely solved after a scrapyard came forward to report that someone tried to sell pieces believed to be from the statue.

“We would like to thank everyone for their support and concern,” the Coastal Carolina Council wrote. “This act has truly shown the Scouting Family comes together and we appreciate that more than you can (imagine).”

Several other Facebook users chimed in, with some calling the situation “disappointing” or “upsetting.” Police in a May 31 report didn’t list names of possible suspects.

Across the country, officials in May said a stolen statue depicting a famous Oklahoma ballerina had been “hacked up” and sold for scrap, McClatchy News reported.

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