Benedict Cumberbatch on 'The Courier' and update on 'Dr. Strange' sequel

Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest film, “The Courier,” which he also executive produced, tells the true story of an ordinary, British businessman who was recruited to become a hero spy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cumberbatch also gives an update on the “Dr. Strange” sequel. (March 18)

Video Transcript

- [INAUDIBLE]! Would I be putting myself in danger?

- If this mission was the least bit dangerous--


- --you really are the last man we'd send.

- Make sure you wear it while you're in Moscow.

- What does this do? Shoot poison darts?

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: I had no idea about this story. And the appeal for me was how this everyman transforms into a hero, how this ordinary man does something quite extraordinary, how he's asked, and persuaded, and cajoled, and, in a way, emotionally blackmailed to step up for his country but also his family's security and the world's security to perform something that he has no experience at.

To then be asked to risk it all for the sake of something he has nothing to do with really, it's remarkable. I think that's kind of what's universally appealing about this story and kind of transcends the genre of spy film.

I open my mouth and all sorts of trouble can happen. Although yeah, I've usually been a pretty good guardian of the secret. But all I can tell you is we've been shooting since before Christmas. And that's a challenging thing in a pandemic, as I'm sure you know from other productions and life in general.

But it's amazing. It's amazing the efforts that people are going to do to stay safe, the sacrifices they're making to make it work [INAUDIBLE] amongst the crew and the cast as well. And yeah, it's going to be great. It's just fantastic working with Sam. He's got such an extraordinary energy and humor.

He meets everything with a smile and a joke. And he's a great collaboration as well, you know. For someone who's experienced and iconic, he's able to absorb everything and help with everything in such a generous and inclusive way. He's a delight to work with, really is. So yeah, we're having a blast. We're having a really good time. I hope the movie's good. We're certainly having a good time making it.