Benefits of purchasing snow removal supplies early

Local hardware supply stores are one of the many businesses that prepare for impactful wintry weather.

News Center 7′s Malik Patterson spoke with a Rocky’s Ace Hardware employee, who said there is no shortage of supplies for people who need to clean off their property.

Hardware supply stores sell various goods that are often considered basic needs.

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Xenia resident Randy Person said he starts his seasonal supply shopping early.

“Typically, I pick up stuff in late October,” Person said.

He is keeping himself busy after retiring as Xenia’s Division of Police Chief.

“I have some rentals, so we typically pick up stuff for that. I’m picking up a shovel because my personal shovel for home is at one of my rentals,” he said.

Rocky’s Ace Hardware has more than just your typical grab-and-go supplies. 23-year Sales Representative Doug Ramsayer said it’s important to know what to use in different situations.

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“Rock salts are good for the different alleys and potassium chloride salt is good for concrete surfaces. They don’t do any damage,” Ramsayer said.

The hardware store carries all kinds of supplies, some include snowblowers, shovels, gloves, salt, and de-icer for windshields.

“You also want to keep around heat tape and things like that for your pipes make sure your pipes don’t burst,” Ramsayer said.

Ramsayer said even though the shop rolls this gear out months in advance, no one comes in to buy it until the day before a storm.