Bengals appear to have biggest bandwagon of any remaining Super Bowl contender

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The Cincinnati Bengals have an expanding bandwagon as they head into the AFC title game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

And there’s no real end in sight — not with rival fans of teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens hopping aboard for the ride.

It’s not unusual for fans of eliminated teams to cheer for a new team still in the race, at least temporarily. But it speaks to the personality, grit and griddy nature of Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and the Bengals that even heated rivals are rooting for them to not just beat the Chiefs, but hoist a Lombardi Trophy.

Changing a culture dramatically, along with extremely likable personalities, does that for a franchise. If there’s any indication these Bengals are likable and a leaguewide hit, it’s some of the following reactions (and yes, dislike of people around the Chiefs throws an assist at times, too).

Steelers fans joining up

Ravens fans

The rest

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