Bentonville wants to put electric car charging stations at the airport

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The City Council will vote Tuesday night whether to allow two vehicle charging stations at the municipal airport, according to the council's agenda.

Why it matters: Interest in electric vehicles is taking off, and charging stations are becoming more necessary.

  • The city wants to get ahead of demand by installing charging stations now, city spokesperson Debbie Griffin tells Axios.

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Details: BETA Technologies, the company providing the chargers, will pay for the installation and equipment and pay the city 10% of its margin (its revenue after its utility bills are paid).

  • Plans also include one plane charging station. Planes that need electric chargers do not yet use the municipal airport but will in the future, Griffin says.

Context: Bentonville's municipal airport on Southwest I Street sees more than typical air traffic. Thaden Field is home to the Louise restaurant and a flight school. There's even a swanky playground next to it.

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