Berks County real estate transactions Oct. 24

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Oct. 24—Editor's note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to

Albany Township

Jeffrey Stettler to Jeffrey Stettler, Pine Swamp Road, $1.

Jeffrey Stettler to Jeffrey Stettler, 1306 Hawk Mountain Road and Pine Swamp Road, $1.

Eugene O. Muth III to Eugene O. Muth III, 1302 Hawk Mountain Road and 1306 Hawk Mountain Road and Pine Swamp Road, $1.

Jeffrey L. Stettler to Eugene O. Muth III, 1306 Hawk Mountain Road and 1302 Hawk Mountain Road, $1.

Jeffrey Stettler to Jeffrey Stettler, Pine Swamp Road and 1306 Hawk Mountain Road, $1.

Jeffrey L. Stettler to Eugene O. Muth III, Pine Swamp Road and 1302 Hawk Mountain Road, $1.

Scott M. Bungert and Jacquelyn K. Muessig to Chad Ochnich and Anique Ochnich, 138 Bailey Road, $825,000.

Alsace Township

Mary B. Nausbaum to Mary Elizabeth Knab, 32 Miller Ave., $250,000.

Amity Township

Neil A. Pestcoe and Linda M. Pestcoe to Linda M. Pestcoe, 102 Indian Run Drive, $1.

Keith C. Frye and Dorothy N. Frye to Latosha Wright III and La Tosha Wright III, 103 Maplewood Drive, $223,760.

Benjamin A. Arndt and Angela J. Arndt to William Hughes and Carol Evans, 309 Cameron Drive, $365,000.

June L. Shirey Estate and June Lucille Shirey Estate to Ricky D. Weil and Cynthia A. Weil, 1483 Old Swede Road, $224,814.

Brian S. Keeney and Sherry L. Keeney to Benjamin A. Arndt and Angela J. Arndt, 218 Pleasant View Drive, $465,150.

Timothy A. Buchert to Kia Henry, 603 Farmingdale Drive, $405,000.


Leo Kollar to Lida R. Yepez, 206 N. 4th St., $212,000.

Bern Township

Eric D. Macknight III and Elizabeth J. Macknight to Elizabeth J. Macknight, 210 Mitchell Ave., $1.

Brian Brooks and Sandra Brooks to Freddys Barrera Paulino and Freddys Barrera Paulino, 2041 Dennis Drive, $200,000.

Bethel Township

Lillian S. Pletz Estate to Kenneth Pletz, Four Point Road.

Lillian S. Pletz Estate to Kenneth Pletz, 201 Old Mt Road.

Lillian S. Pletz Estate to Kenneth Pletz, Four Point Road.

United States of America and United States Marshals Service to Terry R. Lerch, 1981 Camp Swatara Road, $137,500.

Justin L. Bixler to Joseph D. Gallagher, 157 Fort Henry Road, $160,000.

Jerrilyn K. Laws to Dale S. Aungst and Anita Y. Aungst, 5925 Four Point Road, $155,000.


Jared Reeser to Jared Reeser and Kristine Michelle Cahill, 406 S. Walnut St.

Ricky Yerger and Kimberly Auwood to Kimberly Auwood, 640 W. 1st St., $1.

James R. Lyke and Claire K. Lyke to Robert L. Jackson and Kimberly D. Jackson, 325 S. Water St., $260,000.


Susan L. Bartholomew Estate and James J. Bartholomew to James J. Bartholomew, 51 S. Reading Ave., $1.

Susan L. Bartholomew Estate and James J. Bartholomew to James J. Bartholomew, 47 S. Reading Ave., $1.

Susan L. Bartholomew Estate and James J. Bartholomew to James J. Bartholomew, 55 S. Reading Ave., $1.

Cory Kucharek and Jennifer Mae Ziegler to Jimmy J. Riegner and Adriana N. Barreras, 242 N. Washington St., $187,500.

Brecknock Township

Douglas L. Gottschall and Laree P. Gottschall to Barbara M. Taylor and Edward H. Taylor, 1776 Alleghenyville Road, $400,000.

Thomas L. Wambaugh and Angela L. Wambaugh to Mamdouh Sawalha and Khaldoon Saleh Sawalha, 23 Lindsay Court, $655,000.

Caernarvon Township

Nilesh A. Patel and Nita N. Patel to Hari Patel and Christine Patel, 3312 South St., $65,000.

David Samardak and Eileen Samardak to Donald S. Coover and Shelley L. Coover, 1503 Lexington Way, $315,900.

Colebrookdale Township

Mary E. Chamberlain to Alice F. Shomgard and David A. Schantz, 1031 Hilltop Road, $300,000.

Josiah Samuel Swenson to Nathan Michael Swarthout, 940 Ungers Lane, $190,000.

Cumru Township

Mohamed Tourki to Mohamed Tourki and Naima Tourki, Olympic Drive, $1.

Timothy C. Stringer and Laura A. Guerin to Sft 1 LLC, 8 Chestnut Hill Drive, $910,000.

Randy L. Quirin and Eileen Quirin to Jonathan Marlett and Jennifer Lowther, 502 Mifflin Blvd., $320,000.

Karla A. Kidon Estate to Chaitanya Doshi and Kalpana Doshi, 2 Muirfield Drive, $131,000.

Sarah C. Palmer to Israel Torres and Jessenia Vazquez, 332 Ashley Drive, $205,000.

Harvey A. Liriano and Francisca Liriano to Harvey A. Liriano and Francisca Liriano and Jose Liriano, 201 Montrose Blvd.

Charles R. Anastasio and Donna R. Anastasio to Jere R. Sensenig and Katie J. Sensenig, 21 Ruby Lane, $511,000.

Robert Bernstel and Robert J. Bernstel to Keith V. Klopp and Jessica E. Klopp, 456 Old Lancaster Pike, $290,000.

Douglass Township

Patricia Ann Saylor to Patricia Ann Saylor and Michelle Denise Diener and Jacob Ralph Saylor, 480 Old Phila Pike, $1.

Patricia Ann Saylor to Patricia Ann Saylor and Michelle Denise Diener and Jacob Ralph Saylor, Old Phila Pike, $1.

Earl Township

Edward Hammer to Lisa Marie Hivner and Michael G. Hivner Jr., 367 Fancy Hill Road, $335,000.

William T. Earnest Jr. to Norbert Torok and Leonetta Torok and Norbertne Torok, 59 Longview Road, $337,500.

Travis D. Shane and Karen E. Shane to Steven M. Glueck and Joann Glueck, 53 Sunset Hill Road, $404,000.

L. Keith Goodman and Melissa L. Goodman to Brandon Lee Griesemer and Ashley Kristine Malek, 1335 Manatawny Road, $261,000.

Exeter Township

Renee Alexandria Smith and Ranee L. Kemmerer to Wtf Revocable Trust, 190 Christine Drive, $1.

Esmat Israeli and Maggie Gerges and Maggie Gerges Israeil and Maggie Gerges Israeil to Adrienne Clark, 4540 Hillside Road, $300,000.

Cheryl Sarangoulis to Robert Szajna and Cheryl Sarangoulis, 1905 Orchard View Road, $1.

Basement Creations LLC to Ahmar Mustafa, 3001 Orchard View Road, $208,000.

Eleanor L. Kurtz to Keith Stunz, 181 Loder Road, $185,000.

Gordon E. Newmoyer Estate and Gordon Edward Newmoyer Estate to Thomas F. Talarico, 52 Hearthstone Drive, $162,500.

Richard B. Decker Estate to Michael Daloisio and Keith Diener, 134 Virginia Ave., $135,000.

Gregory Baugh and Marie T. Baugh to Aaron Warren and Keryn Price, 126 Limestone Drive, $395,000.

Trish E. Luberda to Trish E. Luberda, 31 Whitetail Lane, $1.

Robert C. Furman Ii and Ann M. Furman to Richard S. Bruno and Karen J. Bruno, 318 Parkview Ave., $170,000.

Brandon Chapa and Brieanna Chapa and Brieanna Moore to Mary M. Deery and George K. Deery, 5226 Lorane Road, $200,000.

Ryan David Ginsberg to Ryan David Ginsberg and Gina M. Angelotti, 4633 N. Pheasant Run.

Vicente A. Gomez and Nilsa Gomez to Christian Nimako-Boateng and Caroline B. Nimako-Boateng, 5421 E. Lorane Road, $260,000.

Patrick R. Walborn and Patricia A. Rocktashel-Walborn to Patrick R. Walborn, 1220 Ritters Road, $1.

United Community Development And Education Inc. to Francisco J. Rivera Lopez and Francisco J. Rivera Lopez, 1115 Fox Run, $164,000.


Rafael Negron and Stacey L. Negron to Rafael Negron, 34 Brookfield Drive.

Jon M. Farry and Kristen R. Keppel to Fernando Esteban Arango and Fernando Esteban Arango, 405 Walnuttown Road, $300,000.

F. M Browns Sons Inc. to Peter R. Merkel and Lee I. Turner, 114 W. Main St., $150,000.

Greenwich Township

Lea Weinman and Lea M. True to Lea M. True and Derek O. True, 925 Dunkels Church Road.


Grand Rem LLC to A. Step Real Estate LLC, Grand St., $3,400,000.

Daniel R. Sechler and Leianne Cunningham and Leianne Cunningham Phillips and Leianne Cunningham Phillips to Natasha Ada Young, 426 Windsor St., $169,000.

Hereford Township

Joseph J. Bennett and Debra Kay Bennett to Gravel 4 LLC, 1014 Gravel Pike and Rte 29, $925,000.

Stanley J. Perambo and Sandra Perambo to Daniel Perambo, Seisholtzville Road, $1.

Daniel Perambo to Travis Beyer, Seisholtzville Road, $130,000.

Jefferson Township

Mark C. Wengert to Matthew M. Wengert, 198 Oak Lane.


Matilda Nabozny and Matilda Nabozney to Matilda Nabozny and Stacey Jo Cheeseman, 1709 Liberty Ave., $1.

Denise Lynn Zillhardt-Bennicoff to Kermit Joel Rivera-Berrios and Megan Skwiat, 1071 Broadway Blvd., $207,500.

Colleen M. Kane and Colleen M. Mimm to Evan Smith, 1336 Brooke Blvd., $220,000.


Jean W. Cooke to Jean W. Cooke and Nathan M. Rothermel, 428 Miriam Ave., $1.

Longswamp Township

Brian Trombly and Jacqueline S. Trombly to Tyler Jones, 38 Magnolia Drive, $365,000.

Barbara A. Karom to Frank Radocha and Colleen Radocha, Field Lane, $45,000.

Lower Alsace Township

Fernando A. Figueroa and Damaris Figueroa and Manuel Daly-Bermudez to Daniel Sergio Garcia Jr., 915 Carsonia Ave., $221,000.

Pennsano LLC to Pennside LLC, 916 Carsonia Ave., $230,000.

Richard C. Veit and Yolanda I. Theunissen to Veit-Theunissen Trust, 116 Mayer St., $1.

Michael A. Gantert Revocable Trust to Michael A. Gantert and Margarette E. Gantert, 700 Carsonia Ave.

John E. Hull Estate to Mm&d Properties LLC, 2710 Filbert St., $90,000.

Allen W. Pfleger to Allen W. Pfleger and Eric A. Pfleger, 30 Wilson Ave.

Louis A. Fiorini Estate to Justin Michael Watts, 511 N. 25th St., $155,896.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Harry Wong and Kathy Wong, 1961 Butter Lane, $257,500.

Lower Heidelberg Township

Robert D. Harrop and Kathleen L. Harrop to Andrea L. Uniacke and Kyle M. Uniacke, 10 Carmina Drive, $545,000.

Christopher R. Lesko to Andrea Bertoluzzi, 28 Regina Drive, $386,450.

Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Chad C. Uplinger and Noemi M. Santiago, Sweitzer Road, $576,842.

Gene B. Werner Estate to Sherry F. Werner, 316 N. Church Road, $1.

Scott C. Painter to Invision Customized Services, 518 Erich St., $249,900.

Arthur F. Douglass and Jeanne A. Douglass to Justin D. Schaeffer and Vonnie L. Schaeffer, 535 Brownsville Road, $1,075,000.

Maidencreek Township

William J. Haring Estate to Jemco Capital LLC, 310 Faith Drive, $240,000.

Maxatawny Township

Walter E. Witman Jr. and Candace M. Witman to Harold Adam Trash Removal LLC, 550 Noble St., $549,000.

Kim B. Smith and Michael P. Smith to Rodney Gene Adam and Jean Ellen Adam, 314 Trexler Ave., $148,000.


Debbie Kantner and Charles Kantner to Robert G. Carl and Emilie A. Carl, 152 Main St., $250,000.

T&m Realty Holdings Corp and T. & M Realty Holdings Corp to Aha Realty Corp, 26 W. Wyomissing Ave., $1.

Haik Hambartsoumian to Aha Realty Corp, 30 W. Wyomissing Ave., $1.

Mount Penn

Labe Holdings II LLC to 2000 Perkiomen Ave LLC, 2000 Perkiomen Ave., $1.

Muhlenberg Township

David Houser and Sherry L. Houser to Brook Hunter, 1153 Ashbourne Drive, $275,000.

Brooke P. Gardner and D. Robin Gardner to Brooke P. Gardner, 611 Ebersole Road, $1.

Mary E. Ponce to Jessica D. Valentin, 1043 Leanne St., $239,900.

Andrew Horner Jr. to Juan P. Queriapa Sanchez and Juan P. Queriapa Sanchez, 3607 Willingham Ave., $235,000.

Kathy Macrae Estate and Kathy A. Macrae Estate to Patricia Burtner, 813 Beyer Ave., $231,000.

Ethyl I. Shillady and David L. Shillady And Ethyl I Shillady Living Trust to Jeffrey L. Strader and Cynthia F. Strader, 1016 Elnore Ave., $249,900.

Joe E. Rios and Heather L. Rios to Sara M. Spencer, 1039 Alexander Drive, $212,000.

Joan A. Shaffer to Michael B. Shaffer and Gloria A. Ingram, 1176 Ashbourne Drive.

Ryan S. Hassler to Matthew J. Difebo and Jennifer A. Evans, 342 Crystal Rock Road, $231,000.

Robert M. Troutman to Cla Re Inc. and Clare Inc., 809 Mt Laurel Ave., $65,000.

Tiffany Damiani and Cheryl Munro to Tiffany Damiani and Cheryl Munro, 1115 Fredrick Blvd.

Oley Township

Arthur H. Mengel Revocable Trust to Joyce Ann Palombaro Estate and Joyce Palombaro Estate, 568 Old State Road, $1.

Matlock Family Trust to Jessica Vooz and Joshua Vooz, 30 Foxglove Lane, $2,000,000.

John D. Haas and John S. Haas and Marcy Ann Haas and Mandy Sue Haas and Mandy Sue Jancovic to Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation, 590 Oley Road, $635,000.

Ontelaunee Township

Daniel Tedesco to Ahmed Saad and Abdelsalam Abrahem, 5589 Allentown Pike, $150,000.

Penn Township

Rufus Z. Bashore Estate and Rufus Ziegler Bashore Estate to Chad Henderson and Joanna Leininger, 673 N. Garfield Road, $275,000.

Anna Mae Smith to Christopher B. Beitler and Sherry L. Beitler, 145 Fisher Mll Stm Road, $305,000.

Dylan A. Digenova to Janet Ann Marburger, 967 N. Garfield Road, $261,000.

Justin D. McKolosky and Mackenzie L. McKolosky to Damaris Figueroa and Fernando Figueroa, 167 Focht Road, $365,000.

Perry Township

Gary B. Faust Estate to Aron J. Greusel, 316 Forest Lane, $270,000.

Richard V. Atkinson and Elizabeth A. Atkinson to Jason Richard Atkinson, 806 Onyx Cave Road, $1.


1515 Perkiomen LLC to Marrysol Rodriguez and Marissa Feliciano, 1515 Perkiomen Ave., $184,000.

Elizabeth J. Dillman Estate and Elizabeth Dillman Estate to Lt Investments of Berks LLC, 1042 Pear St., $60,000.

Eric J. Garcia to 1122 Elm St LLC, 1122 Elm St., $65,000.

Brea Desiree Burger to Bb Homes Four LLC, 330 N. 5th St.

Teh Realty 85 LLC and T. E H Realty 85 LLC to Lxr Pa 1 LLC, 846 Bingaman St., $185,000.

Teh Realty 13 LLC and T. E H Realty 13 LLC to Lxr Pa 1 LLC, 250 S. 6th St., $177,000.

Teh Realty 47 LLC and T. E H Realty 47 LLC to Lxr Pa 1 LLC, 1132 Cotton St., $187,000.

Michelangelo Bruno to Maria G. Ostorga and Jose Oscar Orellana Batres and Jose Oscar Orellana Batres, 321 Upland Ave., $125,000.

Teh Realty 84 LLC and T. E H Realty 84 LLC to Lxr Pa 1 LLC, 353 W. Greenwich St., $110,000.

Susan Pignataro and Susan Jelesiewicz and Carol M. Barnosky to Susan Jelesiewicz, 1619 N. 9th St.

Teh Realty 43 LLC and T. E H Realty 43 LLC to Lxr Pa 1 LLC, 919 Buttonwood St., $235,000.

Javier Santos Jr. and Brandon Berger to Pierina Garcia Lavandier and Pierina Garcia Lavandier, 802 Miltimore St., $135,799.

Ricardo J. Estime and Julie Estime Boisrond and Julie Estime Boisrond to Jacques Ronald Elane and Rid Rose J. Estime Elane and Rid Rose J. Estime Elane, 315 Locust St.

Idelsa Avila to Jose Luis De La Cruz, 10 Wedgewood Tc, $1.

Angela L. Pagan to Shanice E. Ellison, 1461 N. 10th St., $106,000.

Carolyn M. Bazik to Togba Claver Koffi and Togba Claver Koffi, 553 Centre Ave., $170,000.

John R. Olson to Alejandro Castaneda Salgado and Alejandro Castaneda Salgado, 1264 Buttonwood St., $30,000.

Max Curtis to Mercedes Ovalle, 435 Greenwich St., $125,000.

Janez C. Elkins to Joseph M. Fiorini, 1375 Pershing Bl 809, $160,000.

John M. Reshetar and Deborah K. Reshetar and Robert J. Marrella to Investors Management Group LLC, 1150 Muhlenberg St., $220,000.

Stephen Benfield to Kerry Hudson Jr., 1161 Cotton St., $23,000.

Dale R. Thomas and Theresa A. Thomas to Estevan Reyes, 854 N. 12th St., $130,000.

Charles W. Duffy Jr. and Judith F. Duffy to Keri Duffy, 308 Summit Ave., $1.

Gregory Tkac to Jesus Mejia, 1600 Cotton St., $80,000.

Sharon E. Weyant-Muir and Sharon E. Siu to Agnes M. Tucci, 330 Hoskins Place, $30,000.

Efrain Dejesus to Jake P. Hahn, 331 W. Windsor St., $85,000.

Kerry S. Seward to Grace Real Estate Ventures LLC, 130 Kenhorst Blvd., $275,000.

Rabbit LLC to Mariluz Arroyo-Martinez, 215 Moss St., $10,000.

Juana E. Severino to Francisca A. Severino, 1116 Birch St.

Teh Realty 32 LLC and T. E H Realty 32 LLC to Trench Construction And Remodeling LLC, 325 W. Oley St., $75,000.

Charles J. Reese Jr. and Teresa L. Reese to Charles J. Reese Jr. and Teresa L. Reese, 517 Park Ave., $1.

Agueda Perez and Agueda Brooks to Agueda Brooks and Ramon Brooks, 1119 N. 12th St., $1.

Susan L. Herb and David M. Herb to Dominguez Real Estate Holding LLC, 929 Pike St., $107,500.

Kenneth Kulp Estate to Hasije Demirovic, 1219 South St., $60,000.

1537-1541 Perkiomen Avenue Land Trust to Manuel F. Meza Alvarez and Manuel F. Meza Alvarez, 1537 R Perkiomen Ave., $500.

Marisol Alvarez to Ricardo Antonio Peralta, 104 Spring St., $45,000.

Consumer Service and Karl Vaitl to Canela & Tavarez LLC, 108 Oley St., $50,000.

Manuel Hidalgo Lozano and Manuel Hidalgo Lozano to Daniel Peralta, 433 S. 5th St., $20,000.

Edward Ostrowski and Cynthia Kolb to Maria M. Vazquez, 313 Cedar St., $42,400.

Des Properties LLC to Julia Daboin, 326 Carpenter St., $32,000.

Reading Investment Properties LP to Rlk Realty Company LLC, 520 Franklin St., $205,000.

Fm Browns Sons Incorporated and F. M Browns Sons Incorporated to Harry Knause, 652 Brookline St., $100,000.

Jose A. Burgos to Loan Kim Pham, 40 Orange St., $20,000.

Ann E. Ortiz to Jeffrey K. Ortiz, 1337 N. 11th St., $1.

Des Properties LLC to Musa Draga, 416 S. 14 1/2 St., $25,000.

Edgar C. Grinnage and Bertha L. Grinnage to Jacqueline M. Rivera, 112 Windsor St., $135,000.

Richard Rivera to Maritza Espinal Martinez and Maritza Espinal Martinez, 347 W. Green St., $85,000.

Gregg Avenue Associates LLC to Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation, 641 Gregg Ave., $450,000.

Karen E. Lord to Repurposed Past LLC, 826 Franklin St., $17,000.

Karen E. Lord to Repurposed Past LLC, 832 Franklin St., $27,000.

Karen E. Lord to Repurposed Past LLC, 834 Franklin St., $5,000.

Karen E. Lord to Repurposed Past LLC, 107 Lemon St., $1,000.

Sangha Brothers LLC to 36 Neversink LLC, 32 Neversink St. and 34 Neversink St. and 36 Neversink St., $150,000.

Redevelopment Authority of The City of Reading and City of Reading Redevelopment Authority and Reading Redevelopment Authority to Redevelopment Authority of The City of Reading and City of Reading Redevelopment Authority and Reading Redevelopment Authority, 601 Canal St., $1.

Matthew M. Larish to Matthew M. Larish, 20 Cayuga Court, $1.

Robeson Township

Ryan M. Lebon and Linda M. Lebon to Ryan M. Lebon, 297 Oakbrook Drive, $1.

Harold W. Steve Jr. to Loni Francis and Tyler Francis, Rte 724, $55,000.

Gerald J. Braddick and Jane Ann Braddick to Brent A. Hurst, 130 Oakbrook Drive, $295,000.

Fredrick Flint and Cathy Flint and Joseph F. Moyer to Justin Lee Flint, 266 Oak Tc Drive, $310,000.

Richard J. Fiorentino and Wendy E. Fiorentino to Amanda R. Fiorentino and Christian D. Santiago, 121 Tudor Lane, $350,000.

Tiffani Jones-Montgomery to Andrew E. Murman and Bethany Anne Hix, 4692 Morgantown Road, $260,000.

David Gibson to Jenna L. Villar, 506 Old River Road, $179,900.

Charles D. Heckman and Sarah E. Heckman to Charles D. Heckman, 106 Rock Hollow Road, $1.

Edward V. Delewski and Darlene L. Delewski to Edward V. Delewski and Darlene L. Delewski, 389 Green Hills Road, $1.

Joshua James Alspach and Christina L. Alspach to J. Wesley Bahorik and Claudia J. Bahorik, 35 High Sky Lane, $149,900.

Justin W. Brewer and Amandaa K. Brewer to Brianna Kemp and Nicholas J. Kemp, 136 Avondale Drive, $450,000.

R. Craig Enterprises LLC to Meraki Manor Limited Liability Company, 1405 Old River Road, $272,000.

Thomas G. Whyte to Dominic Priore and Holly Press, 42 Overlook Road, $284,000.

Daniel W. Brown Ii and Mallory N. Brown and Mallory Deck to Mallory N. Brown, 796 Golf Course Road, $1.

Stephen C. Mammarella and Marcie L. Mammarella to Million Girma Amenu and Amanda Marie Amenu, 920 Schuylkill Road, $220,000.

Judith Harriman and Brianna Bennington to Judith Harriman, 64 Comanche Drive, $1.


Erica K. Martin and Neal Anthony Martin to David John Maxwell and Jessica Lee Maxwell, 48 Patterson Drive, $280,000.

Calvin W. Yoh and Frances L. Yoh to Jessica R. Hannigan, 2 Timber Lane, $335,000.

Rockland Township

Iosif Tavoc and Claudia Tavoc to Christopher Day, 209 Fredericksvlle Road, $75,000.

Terry Lee Fegley to William Kurtz and Sarah Kurtz, Pricetown Road, $4,000.

Todd McQueen and Peggy J. McQueen to Matthew K. Harris and Kate M. Harris, 65 Hertzog School Road, $415,000.

Ruscombmanor Township

Joseph L. Kopp to Joseph L. Kopp and Fay A. Kopp, 45 Glenview Drive, $1.

John P. Schultz to Alan Griesemer and Kristen E. Leffler, 24 Maple Shade Lane, $396,000.

William W. Turner Jr. and Cynthia D. Turner to Thomas S. Wise, 5 White Oak Drive, $345,000.


Merryle Ann Andrules and Merryle Ann Gordon to Jacob J. Reinert, 30 Madison St., $150,000.

Javier E. Rosario Jr. and Amanda Mae Rosario and Mark F. Snyder to Kristina A. Schurr, 134 Catherine St., $91,000.

John M. Bodor Sr. to Ashlynne Feeney-McDowell, 116 E. Walnut St., $224,900.

Sinking Spring

Tracie L. Eagelman to Monocacy General Contracting LLC, 125 Elwyn Ave., $112,497.

South Heidelberg Township

Gene B. Werner Estate to Sherry F. Werner, 266 Krick Lane, $1.

Mary E. McHale to Mary E. McHale and Dennis J. Warner, 134 Aspen Ave.

Grande Land LP to Philip N. Burkert and Shannon D. Bridgman, 136 Sianna Cr, $487,942.

Randy A. Smith and Julie A. Smith to Veronica K. Kenniff, 6 Dallas Lane, $335,000.

Spring Township

Maria Teresa Tena Enguita and Angel Nieto Saturio and Maria Teresa Tena Enguita and Angel Nieto Saturio to Robert W. Plotcher and Kimberly A. Plotcher, 118 Lucinda Lane, $387,500.

Eddie J. Giddens and Janet L. Giddens to Eddie J. Giddens, 104 Heather Lane, $1.

Barbara S. Lord Estate and Barbara Shirley Lord Estate to Luis Jose Rodriguez and Johanna D. Rodriguez, 2621 Whittier Ave., $237,500.

Harlan L. Boyer Family Trust to Robert Marrella and Patricia L. McCue, 1812 Van Reed Road, $260,000.

Jennifer L. Lowther and Jennifer L. Luckman to Billy Darin Riegel and Kayla Niccole Pachilis, 2014 Spring St., $160,000.

Bradley G. Harris to Bradley G. Harris and Jennifer L. Harris, 516 Spohn Road, $1.

Elias Rivera and Susan M. Rivera to Felicia Ann Weaver and Aaron Henry Prager, 2266 Reading Blvd., $225,000.

Ramon E. Lluberes and Francia Lluberes to Leah Sisk Cassari and Jeffrey Bergh and Leah Sisk Cassari, 1211 Whitfield Blvd., $315,000.

Chelsea L. Gair to Hason Tran and Kim Ha, 2902 Newport Way, $190,000.

Tammy C. Baker to Mario Carannante, 1931 Reading Blvd., $190,000.

Bruce Silfies to Joe E. Rios and Heather L. Rios, 1205 Peachwood Drive, $320,000.

Jonathan A. Carl to Blackstone Builders LLC, 2904 State Hill Rd F2, $106,000.

Hanh Doan to Hanh Doan and Kevin T. Doan, 14 Wilson St., $1.

St. Lawrence

Paulette S. Nawa Estate and Paulette Susan Nawa Estate to Thomas P. Zeimer III and Katie Lynn Eggert, 3633 Orchard Court, $217,500.

Bryan Gusley to William J. Paris and Colleen E. Paris, 203 Elm St., $182,900.

Keith H. Stunz to Charles T. Simcik and Kaylee Shaye Wadsworth, 3650 St Lawrence Ave., $185,000.

Kathryn T. Bates and Jennifer Lynn Bates and Jennifer Lynn Scholl to Kathryn T. Bates and Jennifer Lynn Bates, 3365 Oley Turnpike Road.

Jeffrey P. Pyles to Sandra J. Katzin, 68 Walnut St., $1.

Jessica D. Luchetta to Adam S. Reinert, 3943 Lynn Ave., $190,000.

Tilden Township

Patrick J. Dronek and Mary Ellen Dronek to Jamie Lapp and Jennifer A. Jones-Lapp, 214 Creamery Road, $417,500.


Thomas S. Persing and Clare M. Persing to Jimmy Bissell and Michael Bissell and Mildred Bissell, 609 W. Franklin St., $280,000.

Tulpehocken Township

David S. Kauffman and Kelly S. Kauffman to Etk Properties LLC, 233 Gravel Pit Road, $1.

Union Township

Harold M. & Loretta F Schweitzer Family Trust to Brian S. Sechrist and Katie M. Sechrist, 214 Center Road, $91,000.

Harold M. & Loretta F Schweitzer Family Trust to Brian S. Sechrist and Katie M. Sechrist, 218 Center Road, $145,000.

Upper Tulpehocken Township

Jj Holdings LLC to White Oak Investments LLC, 47 Main St., $270,000.

Gary B. Bricker and Shawn W. Bricker and Gary Bricker Jr. to 21st Mortgage Corporation, 32 Walnut St., $40,000.

Washington Township

Daniel L. Haas III Estate to Matthew Coldsmith and Leigh A. Coldsmith, 2148 Old Rte 100, $154,900.

John H. Backenstose and Rb Dwellings LLC to Augustine Kidwell, 3 Natalie Cr, $675,000.

Elaine M. Kelley to William A. Rowan Sr. and Gloria M. Rowan, 38 Avalon Cr, $475,000.


Mark S. Ryan and Dana L. Ryan to Mark S. Ryan, 494 Mountain Blvd., $1.

Steven Chandler to Luis Rosel Bobadilla and Yolanda Ramierez, 409 Mountain Blvd., $357,500.

Gene B. Werner Estate to Sherry F. Werner, 26 W. Washington Ave., $1.

Earl Specht to Lorraine M. Searles and Karen M. Specht and Brian K. Specht, 304 Columbus St., $1.

West Reading

Mary Theresa Mulligan and Mary Theresa Kozura to Jc Home Improvemnt LLC and Jc Home Improvement LLC, 318 Chestnut St., $75,000. Womelsdorf

Alice Bachman to Michael D. Eshelman, 32 E. High St., $170,000.


Keith A. Minnich to Keith A. Minnich and Nancy Miyo Minnich and Nancy Miyo Minnich, 1404 Reading Blvd.

Stephen M. Tamborelli Sr. and Geraldine Ann Tamborelli to Allana K. Scaramastra, 93 Grandview Blvd., $457,000.

Patricia L. McCue to Daniel W. Sharkey and Amy M. Sharkey, 54 Wyomi Hills Blvd., $260,000.

Bryan Stephen to Ashley Derr Grande and Ashley Derr Grande and Ashley Derr-Grande and Beniamino Grande, 62 Grandview Blvd., $400,000.

Chad Muir to Eduardo A. Lois Vargas and Elisa A. Alcantara and Eduardo A. Lois Vargas, 64 Woodland Road, $215,000.

Frank Cocuzza and Rita Cocuzza to Timothy Christopher Stringer and Laura A. Guerin, 311 Greenbriar Road, $1,000,000.

Erwin G. Woessner Estate Jr. to David A. Becker and Irene M. Becker and Nicole D. Gromis, 1957 Lincoln Ave., $225,000.

John Edwards LLC to Patricia Fiorito, 1953 Meadow Lane, $289,900.

Multiple municipalities

Michael Monappella and Angela M. Mayberry to Michael Monappella and Angela M. Monappella, 175 Vale Drive, $1.

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