Berks County real estate transactions Nov. 21

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Nov. 21—Editor's note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to

Albany Township

Jeffrey Stettler to Jordan R. Raney and Carolyn D. Raney, 1306 Hawk Mountain Road and Pine Swamp Road, $407,500.

Gary A. Wessner and Ronald Wessner and Stephanie Stoudt and Stephanie Wessner to Gary A. Wessner and Victoria Wessner, 3585 B Rte 143, $1.

Donald E. Maher to Griffin Fulton and Rachel Fegely, 2446 Rte 737, $175,000.

Alsace Township

Warren R. Gift to Jenifer L. Markowski and Christopher K. Pettigrew, 6 Kutz Road, $240,000.

Michael Hoffman and Kristen Capellan to Kristen Capellan, 71 Poplar Ave. and Poplar Ave. and Poplar Ave., $1.

Amity Township

Kyle J. Andes Jr. and Jacqueline A. Andes to Joshua David Skone and Jessica L. Skone, 7 Terry Court, $270,000.

Eleanor A. Wagner Estate to Gregory M. Bloch and Valerie M. Bloch, 302 Briarwood Drive, $260,000.

Jason C. Anders and Erin M. Anders to Nicholas A. Lampe and Amanda E. Lampe, 156 Worman Road, $415,000.

Christopher M. Hamer and Joan Hamer to Joan Hamer, 810 Bramblewood Drive, $1.

Kevin J. Murphy to Christopher James Hoffman and Silvia Anggraeni Atmadja, 621 Firethorn Drive, $380,000.

Richard Prescott to Mark F. Dicandilo and Kyleigh M. Gelwicks, 212 Lilac Lane, $329,600.

Warren S. Haas Estate to D. & P Brutto Properties LLC, 1347 Old Swede Road, $300,000.

Teresa Brutto and Vincenzo Brutto to Vincenzo Brutto, 13 Country Lane, $1.

Bern Township

Empire Group of Reading Pa Inc. to Jami D. Jamison and Michael B. Jamison Jr., 502 Seidels Run, $80,000.

Empire Group of Reading Pa Inc. to Thomas Patrick Lockwood and Carolyn Marie Lockwood, 502 Seidels Run, $130,000.


Jennifer Derrick and Jonathan Derrick and Jennifer Schultz to Todd Fryberger and Amber M. Fryberger, 904 Colonial Drive, $262,500.


Russell Iezzi and Jessica Renee Knauer to Jessica Renee Knauer, 116 College St.

Lonnie M. Carnes and Lorraine K. Carnes to Bruce Detwiler, 114 College St., $180,000.

John R. Frain and Suzanne J. Frain to Heather J. Murray, 645 E. Philadelphia Ave., $175,000.

Brecknock Township

William J. Moore Estate to Kathleen D. Hess and Amy L. Kunkel and Kimberly A. Fall, Kurtz Mill Road, $1.

Caernarvon Township

Rb Dwellings LLC to Michele M. Bierzynski, 3420 Main St., $340,047.

Merle Denlinger and Virginia H. Denlinger to Jaamr Holding LLC, Brittany Blvd., $45,000.

Kathleen A. Gillen to Marie E. Haydak, 2009 Hampton Court, $225,000.

Jaamr Holding LLC to Jaamr Holding LLC, 3740 E. Main St. and Brittany Blvd.

Centre Township

James Prato and Deborah L. Book Prato to Ryan Stavarski and Sarah E. Stavarski, 114 Hawkview Court, $405,000.

Darlene F. Staudt Estate to David W. Parsons, 826 Shoey Road, $273,000.

Colebrookdale Township

Michael Cocchimiglio to Shop Beyond The Walls LLC, 420 N. Reading Ave., $80,000.

Gary C. Diaz to Umb Bank National Association and Lvs Title Trust Xiii, 135 Popodickon Drive, $106,000.

Richard L. Moyer to George A. Fronheiser and Ellen L. Fronheiser, 86 Cricket Ave., $280,000.

John F. Cleaver to Berks County Redevelopment Authority, 868 N. Reading Ave., $210,000.

Cumru Township

Ryan M. Allen and Claire L. Allen to Ryan M. Allen, 136 Hillside Drive, $10.

Paul W. Thuss and Madeleine Thuss to Jeffrey P. Thuss and Lisa A. Zug and Kimberly A. Borelli, 208 High Blvd.

Brett Rathman to Benita Holden, Olympic Drive, $135,000.

Jared W. Farber and Rachael H. Farber to Samantha King, 62 Medinah Drive, $184,900.

Meridyth Cutler and Brooke Koons to Meridyth Laurel Cutler, 81 Winged Foot Drive.

Melanie A. Mull to Mamadou S. Diallo, 406 Calyn Drive, $279,000.

Stephen Wagner to Elizabeth Tang Avery and Elizabeth Tang Avery, 11 Bancroft Tc, $255,000.

District Township

Kelly Harrier and Timothy Scott Harrier to Chelsey Lynn Davenport and Michael F. Davenport, 396 Huffs Church Road, $385,000.

Earl Township

Patsy A. Weil to Derek Angelo, 351 Longview Road and Longview Road, $260,000.

Clayton J. Harrison and Susan A. Harrison to Clayton J. Harrison, 847 Mountain Road, $1.

Randall R. Wickizer Estate to Beverly A. Mazoue and Marie V. Barr, 25 Woodland Road, $280,000.

Exeter Township

Kelli N. Warren to Kelli N. Mills and Justin R. Mills, 3 Executive Cr, $1.

Dennis R. Boas and Lynda N. Boas to Earl E. Hahn Sr., 1439 Butter Lane.

Nicole D. Burns to Jose G. Estevez Estevez and Alfonsina Castro Parra, 4948 Persimmon Drive, $242,500.

James A. Shunk and Jennifer L. Shunk to Upgrowth LLC, 1117 Fox Run, $81,500.

William M. Hohl Jr. and Teresa E. Hohl to Timothy Schaeffer and Jaqueline Alvarez Perez, 4476 Pheasant Run, $192,000.

Chad R. Steinman to Chad Steinman and Sarah Steinman, 4680 Painted Sky Road.

Jesse N. Buck and Katherine R. Heller to Jesse N. Buck and Katherine R. Buck, 331 Fairview Chapl Road, $1.

Dexing Gao and Pin Jin Gao to De Xing Gao and Pin Jin Gao, 42 Hayden Cr, $1.

Gary L. Mengel to Blanca Chavarria and Byanka Chavarria and Matthew Adams, 235 Owens Place, $180,000.

Stephen D. Mahon to Sonja Mahon and Stephen D. Mahon, 4714 Alisan Road, $1.

Daniel G. Brickner Jr. and Cheryl R. Hart to Daniel G. Brickner Jr. and Cheryl R. Brickner, 150 Scotland Drive, $1.

Ann Maria Walsh to Krystal Balmir, 1802 Orchard View Road, $190,000.

Jkm Real Estate LLC to Albert J. Medoro, 7 Michele Court, $295,000.

Troy D. Blank to Andrew R. Uhl and Teresa M. Uhl, 4488 Pheasant Run, $230,000.

Edward S. Jenkins to Edward S. Jenkins, 20 Scotland Drive.

Sandra A. Price to Tcd Management LLC, 3 Cranberry Ridge, $181,000.

Exeter Bible Church to Exeter Bible Fellowship Church, 925 Philadelphia Ave.

Exeter Bible Church to Exeter Bible Fellowship Church, 926 Philadelphia Ave.

Exeter Bible Church to Exeter Bible Fellowship Church, E. Perkiomen Ave.

Exeter Bible Church to Exeter Bible Fellowship Church, Allen Road and 818 Philadelphia Ave. and 818 Philadelphia Ave.


Jason L. Crockett and Allen Crockett to Adidelys Colon and Richard Guzman, 247 Hickory Drive, $230,000.

Richard L. Leppert Estate to Michael L. Moyer and Tara Moyer, 255 Hickory Drive, $180,000.

Fleetwood Property Management LLC to Fleetwood Lofts LLC, 2 E. Locust St., $950,000.

Greenwich Township

Sarah E. Seidensticker and Douglas Dinsmore to Jonathan S. Warke and Jane E. Warke, 1097 Krumsville Road, $1.

Sarah E. Seidensticker and Douglas Dinsmore to Sarah E. Seidensticker and Douglas Dinsmore, 1097 Krumsville Road.

Jonathan S. Warke to Jonathan S. Warke and Jane E. Warke, Wessner Road.

Jonathan S. Warke and Jane E. Warke to Jonathan S. Warke and Jane E. Warke, 1161 Krumsville Road and Wessner Road and 1097 Krumsville Road.

Randall L. Reimert and Jennifer P. Reimert to Katherine A. Reimert and Jeremy Muth, 1150 Krumsville Road, $1.

Lawrence M. Melcher to Timothy Makoid and Kelly Makoid, 15 Kohlers Hill Road, $175,000.


William A. Kerchner to Kelly Barlet, 246 S. Apple St., $80,000.

Christopher R. Rabold to Bpr Properties 1 LLC, 338 Port Clinton Ave.

Properties By M4 LLC to Youpa Management LLC, 13 S. 4th St., $298,500.

Hereford Township

Frederick H. Schmitz to Andrew Marks, 3059 Seisholtzville Road, $226,000.

Craig L. Bardman and Patricia E. Bardman to Jonathan D. Krause and Kesley L. Krebs, 1820 Huffs Church Road, $138,900.


Peter Sam to Eduardo Miguel Ortiz, 1602 Kenhorst Blvd., $191,000.


Lee W. Erb and Carol L. Erb to Patrick Erb and Anna Delaney, 323 Wentz St., $200,000.

Arline G. Dietrich to Nathaniel Raudenbush, 239 Chestnut St. and 237 Chestnut St., $154,500.


Edwin Diaz and Lilliana Diaz to Alexis Jordi Avila-Garcia, 3539 Arlington St., $58,000.

Christopher E. Craft to Karla Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado and Cinthia Garcia Muniz, 1520 County St., $256,000.

Douglas B. Decker to Estephanie J. Soto and Mirian Soto, 3221 Chestnut St., $237,000.

Steven K. Myers and Alexandria M. Myers to Todd M. Rambow, 1611 Bennett St., $165,000.

Paul Leonardo and Kathy Leonardo to Pedro Maldonado Burgos, 3326 Freemont St., $185,000.


William F. Preneta and Denise Sutter to Jon A. McDevitt, 200 Nichols St., $165,000.

Longswamp Township

Cherylann Hoffman-Hess to Renae A. Bailey, 50 Calvins Lane, $1.

Renee L. Sufrinko Estate to Larry Moser and Mark Moser, Woodside Ave. and Woodside Ave., $51,700.

Daniel D. Spaeth to Daniel D. Spaeth and Suzanne E. Powell, Centennial Road and 70 S. Spaeth Lane, $1.

Lower Alsace Township

Jay W. Worrall IV to Robert B. Simms and Lynne E. Simms, 2695 Hill Road, $412,000.

Dennis Rothenberger to Sabdy R. Rivera, 15 Cornell St., $129,900.

Lower Heidelberg Township

Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Heather Clark, Ryebrook Road, $511,292.

Ryan P. Stavarski and Sarah E. Stavarski to Jeffrey Ulle and Lauren Ulle, 325 Faust Road, $330,000.

Michael S. Haviland to Jennifer Omega Medina Jimenez, 3232 State Hill Road, $103,000.

Christopher J. Perfetto and Monica G. Perfetto to Christopher J. Perfetto and Monica G. Perfetto, 1006 N. Church Road, $1.

Forino Co LP to Aaron Starr and Leah Weitkamp, Sweitzer Road, $303,080.

Kamilynne R. Kiritsis to Jordan Kipp and Alyssa Kipp, 7 St James Place, $375,000.

Maidencreek Township

Sandra Young to Shea Properties LLC, 1076 Park Road, $3,200,000.

Marion Township

Stone Group Inc. to Gerhard Kreuzwieser and Linda J. Kreuzwieser, 245 Sweet Birch Lane, $280,614.

Maxatawny Township

Jesse E. Lutz to Jonathan Musso and Sal Musso, 9 Foch St., $130,000.


Jakob W. Shatzer to Stephen F. Kruse, 24 E. Summit St., $155,000.

Tyler A. Glass to Jaqueline Morales and Jose M. Lopez, 403 W. Madison St., $180,000.

Mount Penn

Jamie L. Zambito and Marcia L. Zambito and Marcia L. Wertz to Karina Decolon, 31 N. 25th St., $145,000.

Shea McDevitt and Allison McDevitt to Alicia E. Schaefer and Eric R. Schaefer, 2442 Grandview Ave., $255,000.

Mt. Penn Video & Electronic Security LLC to Diana Callahan, 2419 Woodvale Ave., $155,000.

Muhlenberg Township

Roberta C. Harbach and Roberta J. Harbach to Candido Delgado Figueroa, 5206 Sioux Road, $170,000.

Harvey Antoine and Lauren Lees to Grey Stone International Corporation, 218 Jefferson St., $75,000.

Pike Distributors Inc. and Ethel Real Estate Corp to Ahmed Saad and Abd El Salam Abrahem, 345 George St., $32,000.

Flor Ramos-Perez to Luis Manuel Ramos and Yadira Ramos Alers, 563 Centre St., $150,000.

Floyd C. Wertz and Stella M. Wertz to Floyd C. Wertz And Stella M Wertz Revocable Trust Agreement, 821 Pine Heights Road, $1.

Consuelo T. Ayala to Tiffany L. Bush, 1001 Daisy Drive, $224,900.

Diana Morales Camargo and Raquel Camargo Altamirano to Raquel Camargo Altamirano, 3147 Fulton St.

Dawn E. Fegley to Gk Land Group LP, 1041 Laurelee Ave., $135,000.

Jarad Hoffman to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Jeremy P. Freymoyer Ira and Jeremy P. Freymoyer, 2532 Kutztown Road, $70,000.

Antoinette M. Bonanno to Robert J. Skimski Jr. and Mary A. Skimski, 3715 Rosewood Road, $200,000.

Richard L. Wummer Estate to Joseph Wojewodzki, 122 Jefferson St., $90,000.

Fathy I. Abdelrahman to Miguel A. Pimentel Perez and Adriana Pimentel Perez, 1139 Mt Laurel Ave., $380,000.

North Heidelberg Township

Donald H. Bloch Jr. to Mark I. Fessler and Leslie A. Fessler and Dustin W. Fessler and Amber G. Fessler, 416 Charming Forge Road, $225,000.

Donald H. Bloch Jr. to Mark I. Fessler and Leslie A. Fessler and Dustin W. Fessler and Amber G. Fessler, 408 Charming Forge Road and Charming Forge Road, $240,000.

Ontelaunee Township

Forino Co LP to Brian M. Aldrich and Roselyn A. Aldrich, 39 Sunglo Drive, $570,555.

Perry Township

Steven J. Bastian to Steven J. Bastian and Joshua M. Bastian, 55 Witchcraft Road.

Todd Wheeler and Kelly Wheeler to Michael P. Novak and Rachel L. Novak, 315 Luisa Court, $292,000.

Pike Township

Darryl Leh to Mark Woodward, 298 Old State Road, $225,000.


Kondaur Capital Corporation to Irgh Real Estate Investment Inc., 126 Crestmont St. and 128 Crestmont St.

C. & M Housing Solutions LLC to Fermin Flor Martinez Bobadilla,144 Elm St., $52,000.

George S. Ditzler Jr. and Gayle Ditzler to Christine E. Fowler, 444 S. 15th St., $100,000.

Maria C. Uruchima to Dennis O. Ramos, 247 N. 3rd St., $1.

Zintak Management LLC to Marek A. Morosan, 1619 Perkiomen Ave., $110,000.

June C. Beck Estate to Mayra Brea, 1325 N. 11th St., $100,000.

Donald R. Knarr Jr. Estate to James Billman, 751 Church St., $27,000.

Hollis Grimshaw and Cecile M. Grimshaw to Marco A. Sanchez and Sarah S. Smith, 456 Douglass St., $187,500.

Leafar J. Lopez to Juan A. Torres-Vargas, 1116 Buttonwood St., $85,000.

Frezy A. Cardoso to Amz Group Enterprises LLC, 533 Ritter St., $16,000.

Musa Draga and Ilfete Draga to Imer Draga and Servette Draga, 1126 Green St., $35,000.

Musa Draga and Ilfete Draga to Imer Draga and Servette Draga, 1165 Green St., $35,000.

Christopher J. Harris to Haenssy Santos, 619 Clinton St., $2,000.

Irvin Raymond McDonough Jr. Estate to Newport Enterprise LLC, 1125 N. 11th St., $85,000.

Maria Socorro-Cortes to Rafael Martinez Ortiz, 229 S. 8th St., $30,000.

Teh Realty 44 LLC to Colin McCarthy and Audrey McCarthy, 753 N. 10th St., $110,000.

Wilmary Rivera-Jimenez and Joey Maldonado-Rosa to Wanda E. Pilarte, 464 Birch St., $40,000.

Esperanza Santana to Maria C. Toribio-Rosario and Dario Alvarado-Perez, 1340 N. 11th St., $120,000.

Phch Investment Group LLC to Misrad Kovaci, 737 Locust St., $30,000.

Genesis Residential LLC to Colin McCarthy and Audrey McCarthy, 316 S. 17 1/2 St., $64,000.

Cresnac Ducheine and Cresnac Ducheine Jr. and Julia Ducheine to Ducheine Apartments LLC, 855 Penn St., $1.

Alfredo Eusebio to David Baez, 1418 Perkiomen Ave., $72,000.

Teresa Hernandez to Efrain Escobar Esquivel and Efrain Escobar Esquivel, 612 N. 12th St., $30,000.

Maria G. Ostorga and Maria G. Carrillo to Elizabeth Diaz, 714 N. 6th St., $1.

Mirna I. Rodriguez and Mirna I. Soto and Nelson Soto to Nelson Soto, 1501 Perkiomen Ave.

James Billman to Clare Inc., 751 Church St., $41,000.

Jean E. Unkefer to Anthony Kowlessar, 1400 Chester St., $500.

Edward Ortiz to Real Food Farm LLC, 641 Orange Al, $100.

Angelina Cabrera-Herrera to Reading Parking Authority, 818 Culvert St., $600.

Osvaldo Nestor Rodriguez to David Gonzalez, 240 A Wood St., $1,300.

Juan Castillo to Anthony Kowlessar, 735 A Neversink Al, $500.

Rafael Rodriguez to Anthony Kowlessar, 238 R Plum St., $300.

Juan Ramon Cruz to Anthony Kowlessar, 709 Neversink Al, $500.

Earlies L. Debellotte to Reading Parking Authority, 442 Rosenthal St., $600.

Antonio Ricardo Laurencio to Jean Luc Bertier, 416 Orange St., $550.

Luis Gustavo Casiano to Anthony Kowlessar, 735 Neversink Al, $200.

David Velazquez to Jean Luc Bertier, 234 Hudson St., $550.

Jessie Enterprises Inc. to Reading Parking Authority, 430 Spring Garden St., $600.

Jessie Enterprises Inc. to Reading Parking Authority, 428 Spring Garden St., $600.

Jessie Enterprises Inc. to Reading Parking Authority, 434 Spring Garden St., $600.

Karen Alfred to Anthony Kowlessar, 737 Neversink Al, $200.

Evelyn Roque to Victor A. Ynirio, 1510 N. 9th St., $80,000.

Pablo Castillo to Yanelbis Castillo, 1323 Kenney St., $1.

Paul J. Hoh and Mary C. Hoh to Lars Potteiger and Tamara L. Black, 1610 Hampden Blvd., $240,000.

Pedro Maldonado Burgos to Tayri Rodriguez-Acevedo, 1112 N. 6th St., $125,000.

Wellington Santana to Paula M. Delarosa, 512 Spring St., $290,000.

Susana Sanchez Saavedra to Maria G. Yepez-Guzman, 227 S. 10th St., $37,000.

Jjn Enterprises LLC to Jr.g Stepping Stone LLC, 637 S. 10th St., $50,000.

Hector Nunez to Hector Nunez and Megan Joy Nunez, 842 Centre Ave., $1.

Samuel W. Coleman to Bernice Colon, 1412 Pike St., $92,400.

Bevin J. Focht to Keyhomes Reis LLC, 1333 N. 14th St., $105,000.

Flor M. Salinas and Miguel G. Barba to Lisette Odalis Pelaez, 1334 Good St., $65,000.

Richmond Township

Wesley Clark and Rebecca Clark to Eric Peters and Pooja Peters, 151 Hard Hill Road and Hard Hill Road, $530,000.

Elaine Madeira and Harold Madeira to Eric Moyer, 89 Dryville Road, $161,462.

Courtney E. Headdings and Dennis A. Romig to Courtney E. Headdings, 476 Eagle Road.

Robeson Township

Brandon K. Goss to Mark Greenly and Courtney Greenly and Krista Nease, 1130 Golf Course Road, $299,000.

Old River Road Properties LLC to Michael R. Enstrom, 80 Killian Drive and Killian Drive, $182,000.


Jack L. Keener and Garman Homes LLC to Jason Brown and Bianca C. Brown, 424 Smokering Drive, $247,990.

Salvatore Franco Jr. and David A. Dreibelbis to Dillon Kenniston, 328 W. Penn Ave., $212,000.

Rockland Township

George A. Bernhard and Laura Bernhard to William C. Landis, 39 Bick Road, $380,000.

Kevin R. Fegley to Kevin R. Fegley and Andrew Kevin Fegley, Kutz Road.

Ruscombmanor Township

Karpenko Family Trust to James R. Lash and Robin L. Lash, Orchard Road, $15,500.


John M. Gallen and Connie G. Gallen to Just Off The River Inc., 330 Reading Ave., $1.

John M. Gallen and Connie G. Gallen to Just Off The River Inc., 3 W. Elm St., $1.

John M. Gallen and Connie G. Gallen to Just Off The River Inc., 315 E. Broad St., $1.

Theresa M. Stello Estate to Dionis R. Carrasco Reyes, 518 Elsie St., $150,000.

Michele McCartney to Tanya G. Abbott, 516 Gregg St., $190,000.

Sinking Spring

Zachary Maier and Jamie L. Vanino to Jamie Lee Maier, 108 Spring Crest Blvd.

Evelyn Colon to Kathryn Molets, 385 Sioux Court, $250,000.

South Heidelberg Township

Maciej D. Krasuski and Gabrielle Krasuski to Maciej D. Krasuski, 3107 E. Galen Hall Road.

Bruce J. Lutz to Bruce J. Lutz, 1 Forest View Drive, $1.

Grande Land LP to Fatoumata Binta Barry and Fatoumata Binta Barry, 436 W. Glen Tilt Ave., $353,150.

Spring Township

Kourtney Jones to Kevin A. Fair and Candice L. Fair, 2036 Reading Blvd., $275,500.

Byron C. Burns Estate and Byron Craig Burns Estate to Bintu Iye Soumah, 620 W. Wyomissing Blvd., $205,000.

Jamal Antoine to Grey Stone International Corporation, 124 Coventry Lane, $200,000.

Brad M. Brisan and Veronica Ashley Brisan to Kelly Lynn Hinsey and Jared Lee Hinsey, 143 Lucinda Lane, $336,000.

Stephen M. Worcheck and Chaney L. Worcheck to Stephen M. Worcheck, 2901 Belmont Ave., $1.

Donald A. Perry and Mary Jean Perry to Donald A. Perry, 20 Marie Drive.

Tuong D. Nguyen to Vtt Associates LLC, 20 Perkasie Ave., $85,000.

Troy Gehr to Troy Gehr and Lisa L. Kelley, 2215 Monroe Ave.

St Lawrence

Deborah L. Stott to Ebeny Sykia Davis, 219 Elm St., $179,900.


Charles Bradley Stern and Sarah Anne Stern and Sarah Anne Allard to Holly A. Brotzman, 401 Caloric Cr, $197,000.

Hallowell Holdings LLC to Estuardo Franco Mendez and Felicia N. Franco, 42 E. Franklin St., $250,000.

Cory D. Lapp and Sharon E. Lapp to Caroline Leiby, 114 S. Callowhill St., $237,000.

Verna T. Budnick Estate to Brittany Lewis, 37 S. Herbein Drive, $190,000.

Tulpehocken Township

Mt Aetna Village Inc. to Kenneth Garman and Jenna Garman, 20 Chloe Drive, $215,000.

Mt Aetna Village Inc. to Austin Musser and Esther Musser, 18 Chloe Drive, $215,000.

Union Township

Douglas N. Yocom and Nancy M. Yocom to Robert Cole, 195 Yocom Road, $721,000.

Sonshine Ii LP to Kira Tibbetts Popky and Kira Tibbetts Popky, Furlong Road, $85,000.

Craig M. Geiger Estate to Zachary A. Richard and Nicole M. Bamonte, 943 E. Main St., $260,000.

Upper Bern Township

Ellen M. Wilson and Steven V. Wilson to Ovidiu A. Dobrovolschi, 5486 Old Rte 22, $156,586.

Washington Township

Gary Stinson and Judith J. Stinson to Timothy A. Buchert, 142 Groff Road, $250,000.

Roger W. Lightcap to Roger W. Lightcap Sr. and Joanne A. Lightcap, 31 Ehst Road, $1.

Gary L. Rhoads and Stephanie J. Rhoads to Rhoads Revocable Trust, 83 Audrey Drive.

Joshua Ferguson to Justin T. Bertrand and Megan A. Walsh, 401 Hill Church Road, $324,900.

West Reading

Kathy Crespo and Angel M. Tolentino to Jonathan Peralta and Destanie Santiago-Peralta, 239 Tulpehocken Ave., $135,000.

Edward J. Lempas Estate to Gonzalo V. Valverde and Ramona A. Valverde, 409 Reading Ave., $119,300.

Janette R. Stauffer to Trent L. Stauffer and Janette R. Stauffer, 550 Penn Ave.

Windsor Township

Judith A. Fasching Estate to Robert R. Rupert Jr. and Catherine B. Rupert, 440 Creek Lane, $50,000.


Jocelynn M. Karner to Florian Sutu, 44 N. 2nd St., $135,000.


Sft Holding LP to Peter W. Barber and Jaclyn M. Barber, 1100 Belmont Ave., $470,000.

Perking Financial LLC to Aurora Amg LLC, 416 Oley St., $180,000.

Multiple municipalities

Michael J. Hurley and Heather L. Hurley to Andrew Joseph Plum, 109 Angora Road and Angora Road, $499,000.

Luther A. Wagner and Geraldine A. Wagner to Benjamin R. Schueller and Amy L. Schueller, 366 Shartlesville Road and Berger School Road, $1,200,000.

Sjs-Gtc LP to Arc Realty LLC, 400 E. Wyomissing Ave., $3,750,000.

Arc Realty LLC to Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation, 400 E. Wyomissing Ave., $5,400,000.

Lidia Folino to Stefano Folino and Jacquelyn Marie Folino, Grandview Blvd., $1.

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