MLK daughter Bernice King: ‘This is the great tragedy in our nation that must cease’

At the funeral of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta on Tuesday, the Rev. Bernice King spoke about police brutality.

Video Transcript

BERNICE KING: These tragic moments remind us that we are one, because it impacts all of us and pulls on our heartstrings. And although I did not have a chance to meet Rashad, I am here to stand with you in what feels like an all-too-familiar moment, having a father killed when I was only five years of age. My heart deeply grieves for Dream, Memory, Blessing, and Makai. I know the pain of growing up without a father and the ongoing attention around his tragic

Loss. I am and will continue to pray for each of you. Rashad Brooks's life matters. And he should have been able to live to enjoy his family and watch his kids grow up into adulthood.

[APPLAUSe] And the officers should have gone home that night without blood on their hands. This is the great tragedy in our nation that must cease.