Bernice King reflects on election, Capitol riots

Bernice King says the unrest in Washington would have played out differently if the rioters were Black. (Jan. 11)

Video Transcript

BERNICE KING: I think we tend to fuel the fires and fan the flames quite a bit in this nation when people do stuff that is extreme like that in a hateful way. We can't join the hateful rhetoric. We can't become them. We have to elevate them. We have to bring them up to a higher place.

So the way in which we speak to them, in truth, has to be in the right way, you know. We can't attack their personhood, but we can attack their actions. So that's the first thing. I think that-- and that's why, you know, I'm very careful not to call them insurrectionists-- their actions were insurrection-- because I don't want to feed that.