A Bernie doll made $40,000 for charity on eBay

Using a little yarn, a crochet needle and some inspiration from inauguration day memes of U.S Senator Bernie Sanders, a Texas local just raised $40,000 for charity.

Tobey King has admired Sanders since his 2016 run for President.

When he ran again in 2020, she created her first pattern for a crocheted Sanders doll.

"He's so down-to-earth and just really somebody that I admire for his goal of really trying just to help people. It's very inspiring."

At U.S. President Joe Biden's inauguration earlier this month, Sanders sat legs crossed wearing a warm parka and unmistakable mittens knitted by one of his Vermont supporters.

The internet exploded with memes of Sanders photoshopped into different locations and King sprung into action.

"When I saw that that meme was trending, I said, 'Oh, I'm going to go get that pattern, I'm going to modify it real quick to make it look like his inauguration outfit'. And I jumped on that pretty quick. I made that in about seven hours. And then I released the pattern. And that's how that happened."

King sold the doll on eBay to benefit Meals on Wheels after she found out Sanders was selling the meme on sweatshirts to benefit the charity.

Bidders pounced to purchase the couture doll. The closing price? $20,300.

EBay matched the bid to bring the fundraising total to over $40,000.

Despite personal setbacks in 2020, like her husband losing his job amid a health crisis, King said she is happy she can make a positive impact on others.