Best Black Friday Deals on Mattresses

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’Tis the season to sleep well: A number of retailers are advertising Black Friday mattress deals, and many of them are valid through Cyber Monday.

We combed through the promotions to highlight sales on mattresses that fare well in our rigorous mattress tests. So far, we’ve found decent markdowns from brands including Avocado, Casper, Charles P. Rogers, Essentia, Serta, and Sleep Number.

“In addition to the discounts, you’ll likely see freebies like adjustable bed frames, pillows, or mattress toppers thrown in when you buy a mattress,” says Claudette Ennis, a market analyst who covers mattresses for CR. At Mattress Firm, for example, if you spend $500 or more, it’s throwing in a free adjustable base, and with the purchase of any mattress at Avocado, you’ll get two free pillows.

Not sure where to begin? You can match your sleep position (side or back) and your stature to a top-performing mattress in CR’s mattress ratings. You can also check out CR’s mattress buying guide, which walks you through the types and various points to consider during your search.

Below are the best deals we’ve found so far. Some span the entire line of mattresses for a manufacturer. We list the price for a queen-size model. (That’s the most popular size, and also the size we test.) If you’re hoping to pull the trigger this month, check back often. We’ll update this list as new deals are released between now and Black Friday.

Best Black Friday Deals on Mattresses

The deal: $1,200 for a queen-size Green, $1,600 for a queen-size Green Pillowtop using code MERRY200 at
CR’s test results: Green, Green Pillowtop
Avocado makes some of the highest-ranked mattresses in our ratings—and this is one of the larger discounts we’ve seen this year. (Typically, the Green goes for $1,400 and the Green Pillowtop is priced at $1,700.) Both Avocado mattresses support a wide range of side and back sleeper body types. On our firmness scale, the Avocado Green is two points firmer than the Avocado Green Pillowtop, scoring a 7 out of 10 (10 being the firmest). This offer is available through Dec. 9.

The deal: 10 percent off all mattresses, or $1,350 for a queen-size hybrid at
CR’s test results: Casper Hybrid
Casper’s Hybrid is an innerspring mattress with several layers of foam. It offers a good night’s rest to all the sleeper sizes and styles we test for. It’s on sale until Dec. 2 for $150 off its typical price of $1,500. (CR paid full price for this mattress.) CR subscribers say Casper mattresses are a great value, and more than half of those surveyed would buy another.

Charles P. Rogers
The deal: $200 off any mattress, or $800 for a queen, using code FS200 at
CR’s test results: St. Regis
At Charles P. Rogers, you can get a slight deal on its St. Regis mattress. (CR paid $965 for the mattress we bought to test.) The St. Regis offers superb support for both petite side and back sleepers, and earns a Very Good support rating for average and large/tall back sleepers. The mattress earns a score of 6 on our firmness scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the firmest).

The deal: $2,153 for a queen-size at (25 percent off all mattresses at
CR’s test results: Stratami
The Essentia Stratami is one of the top-ranking foam mattresses in CR’s ratings, and it has held a commanding spot for several years. We paid $2,078 for it, so it’s not at its cheapest price, but it’s still an okay deal. It earns an Excellent rating for petite and average back sleeper support, and it’s great all-around for sleepers of all sizes and sleep styles. This mattress meets two organic standards: the Global Organic Latex Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The deal:
$999 for a queen-size at
CR’s test results: Purple
Purple is discounting its queen-size namesake mattress by $100 through the end of November. Purple’s The Purple foam mattress earns a 3 in firmness on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the firmest). It doesn’t support large and tall sleepers as well as other mattresses do, so if you fall into that category, look for another option.

The deal: $1,900 for a queen-size at
CR’s test results: iSeries Hybrid 500 14" Cushion Firm
At Mattress Firm, you can get an okay deal—$100 off—on the Serta iSeries Hybrid 500, which earns a Very Good support rating for almost all side and back sleeper body sizes. Its firmness is smack dab in the middle, with a 5 on our scale of 1 to 10. This model has four grips, which should make it easy to move. This deal is available through Cyber Monday, Dec. 2.

Sleep Number
The deal:
$899 for a queen-size Sleep Number 360 c2 at
CR’s test results: 
360 c2
At Sleep Number’s retail stores and website on Nov. 28, Dec. 1, and Dec. 2, you’ll find the highly rated 360 c2 mattress on sale for $100 off its usual price of $999. This Sleep Number earns an Excellent rating in our tests for back support for both petite and average-sized sleepers, and it’s a very firm mattress, with a 7 on our firmness scale (of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest).

Tuft & Needle
The deal: $795 for a queen-size Mint at, $476 for a queen-size T&N Original at
CR’s test results: MintT&N Original
Starting Monday Nov. 25 through Black Friday, you can buy the CR-recommended Tuft & Needle Mint for a reasonable price. The Mint mattress earns Very Good ratings for side and back sleeper support across the board. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, the T&N Original mattress will be on sale at for 20 percent off. If you’re considering this mattress, you might be able to try one out at a Crate & Barrel store. Check Tuft & Needle’s website for partner locations.

The deal: $500 for a queen-size mattress ($100 off) at
CR’s test results: Medium Firm
This bed-in-a-box mattress might be one of the least expensive models you’ll find on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Tulo Medium Firm earns an Excellent rating in our durability tests, maintaining its support after a simulated eight to 10 years of use. This deal is available through Cyber Monday, Dec. 2.

The deal: $1,275 for a queen-size Winkbed Luxury Firm at
CR’s test results: Luxury Firm
Now through Black Friday, you can sign up with an email address at and receive $325 off a queen-size WinkBed Luxury Firm. In our tests, most sleepers will find above-average support. It’s also a good mattress for couples because it earns a Very Good score in our stability tests—it resists vibrations across the bed, so you won’t feel your partner moving around when you sleep.

Before You Buy

Don't see the mattress you're interested in listed here? Be sure to check CR’s mattress ratings to see whether we’ve tested it before you decide.

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