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Great deals on great products that won't break the bank

By Samantha B Gordon

Sales are typically sparse in the first few months of the year, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you want to score a deal. You just have to look a little closer. But it can be difficult to know whether, say, that $50 rice cooker is a steal or a clunker that doesn’t deserve space in your home.

To help budget-conscious shoppers—who shouldn’t have to sacrifice good quality for a low price—we went through low-cost options that scored well in CR’s tests for the most promising deals on items including air fryers, soda makers, streaming devices, and more. Below, you’ll find items on sale for $100 or less.

With Presidents Day approaching, we expect more sales to spring up over the next few weeks and will update you on the latest offers on top-rated products. These are just a few of the best deals we’re seeing right now, but we’re tracking everything regardless of price to bring you the latest. So check out more great discounts on electronics and home and kitchen products.

Keep in mind that some deals may sell out and prices can change.

Air Fryers

Dreo Air Fryer

This air fryer from Dreo earns solid scores for the ease and legibility of its controls, ease of cleaning, and relatively quiet operating noise. The basket’s claimed capacity is 4 quarts, but CR’s test engineers measured it at 2.5 quarts. The one-year warranty is on a par with most of the models we test.

CR’s test results: Dreo Air Fryer

GoWise USA GW22731

A CR Best Buy, this GoWise air fryer has a measured capacity of 4.9 quarts. Its touch buttons and programmed settings are among the easiest to see and use. And it’s one of the quietest air fryers we’ve tested. The exterior’s crevices and the basket’s nooks and crannies take some effort to clean, however. It’s worth noting that this model was $14 more at Amazon last week.

CR’s test results: GoWise GW22731 air fryer

NuWave 6 Quart 37001

The NuWave 37001 air fryer boasts a measured capacity of 5.8 quarts. Our experts found its electronic controls with preprogrammed settings to be among the easiest to see and use. The inside and outside of the appliance are a cinch to clean, but cleaning food out of the holes in the basket takes a little extra effort. This air fryer is on the noisy side, earning a middling score in our noise tests. The fan is as loud as a countertop microwave, so you’ll hear it running. If you’re going to buy from Amazon, make sure to check the box for the on-page coupon to get the full savings.

CR’s test results: NuWave 37001 air fryer

Oster DiamondForce Nonstick XL 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer

CR’s testers found that this air fryer’s electronic controls with preprogrammed settings are fairly easy to see and use, earning this ratings newcomer high marks in that category. The Oster isn’t a big noise producer, and cleaning the inside and outside doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease. Despite the air fryer’s name, the basket has a measured capacity of 3.6 quarts. Like other models we tested, this one comes with a one-year warranty.

CR’s test results: Oster DiamondForce Nonstick XL 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer

Kitchen Tools & Cookware

Red Copper Ceramic Infused Nonstick

With its copper-hued coating, the 10-piece Red Copper Ceramic Infused set is colorful inside and out. It aced our tests for quickly bringing water to a near-boil and for slowly simmering tomato sauce. It earns a Very Good rating for heating evenness in our pancake test, but eggs had to be nudged out of the pan in the food-release test. So if fried eggs are part of your breakfast rotation, consider other sets. That said, the nonstick coating held up well in our durability tests. The set includes a steamer insert.

CR’s test results: Red Copper Ceramic Infused set

Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004

The Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 features a unique top-mounted motor to turn out snow cone–textured ice for smoothies. While Ninja doesn’t claim this model makes hot soups and juices, it excels at all the main blending tasks. The removable blade makes cleanup easy. Swap out the 6-cup blending jar for its 16-ounce food chopper and the versatile Ninja does an impressive job chopping onions and nuts, and grating cheese. But at just 450 watts, it’s the lowest-powered blender of our other favorites under $100.

CR’s test results: Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 blender

Lodge Cast Iron Pre-seasoned

Lodge has been making cast-iron frying pans in its Tennessee foundry since 1896. It’s one of the few surviving iconic American brands. This 12-inch Lodge cast-iron pan is top-notch at browning scallops and earns an Excellent rating for searing a steak. Baking is only so-so, though. Heating evenness is also mediocre. It weighs 7.8 pounds, which is about average for the size.

CR’s test results: Lodge Cast Iron Pre-seasoned cookware

Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked)

For a basic one-button machine, this compact model produced perfectly tender, chewy rice in our tests. In fact, it was the best of the bunch—and the fastest. It took half the time to cook rice compared with most of the other models we tested. Points were docked for convenience, though, because it lacks programs, a keep-warm mode, and audio cues when the rice is done (it automatically turns off). But if you’re looking for the simplest rice cooker without any microcomputer, touch screen, or alerts, this is a good choice that takes up little space. It’s the kind of starter rice cooker that seems made for college students.

CR’s test results: Zojirush NHS-06 3-cup rice cooker


YnM Weighted Blanket

The YnM blanket has a cotton cover but doesn’t come with a duvet cover, though YnM sells covers separately. The beads are glass. YnM says you can wash and dry it by machine on the gentle cycle but recommends washing the duvet cover rather than the inner blanket because “frequent washing may damage the heavy weighted blanket.” It comes in 26 colors. If you’re purchasing from Amazon, make sure to check the on-page coupon box to get the full savings.

Beckham Luxury Linens Hotel Collection (2pk)

The Beckham Luxury Linens Hotel Collection pillow has a 100 percent cotton cover and a filling of 100 percent polyester gel-fiber. The manufacturer claims that the materials in the Beckham pillow keep it cool. It aced our test for breathability and scored top marks for resiliency, which means it will hold its shape well over time. Bonus: This price is for a two-pack, but you have to select the box for the on-page coupon to get the savings.

CR’s test results: Beckham Luxury Linens Hotel Collection Pillow

Sealy Memory Foam Gel

This Sealy pillow is made of memory foam with a gel foam on one side. It’s great if you sleep on your side but not ideal if you sleep on your back. It’s pretty firm and doesn’t really allow your head to sink into the pillow. That creates a greater angle for petite sleepers that could lead to restless sleep. This pillow holds its shape well. Despite the claim that the gel layer keeps the pillow cool, we found just the opposite in our tests. The gel layer combined with the dense memory foam makes the pillow less breathable and causes it to trap moisture. So this might not be the right pillow for you if you tend to sleep hot. Make sure to use the promo code BEDBATH15 at Home Depot to receive the discount.

CR’s test results: Sealy Memory Foam Gel Pillow

More Home and Kitchen Deals

Calphalon Special Brew BVCLDCG1

This Calphalon coffee maker is a terrific drip brewer from a brand known for cookware. It earns strong scores in CR’s performance tests, and Calphalon brewers in general earn high ratings for predicted reliability. This model offers brew-strength control, programming, an LED display, and a 10-cup glass carafe. It’s a bit bulky, and it comes in a stainless steel finish that should match other stainless steel appliances nicely.

CR’s test results: Calphalon Special Brew BVCLDCG1

Crane Owl

It’s not all about looks with this whimsical Crane Owl humidifier. On just about every measure, including moisture output and noise, it earns top marks. It’s convenient to use, though not being able to get a hand into the tank for cleaning is a drawback. The 250-square-foot claimed coverage area is on the high end for a small-room model.

CR’s test results: Crane Owl humidifier

Crane Drop

This humidifier is recommended for small spaces no more than 299 square feet. In that category, it’s one of the best for adding moisture to the air, and it’s one of the quietest we’ve tested. Like most small humidifiers, it’s not feature-heavy. Our testers say the water tank is too large to fill at most bathroom sinks and you can’t get a hand inside it, making cleaning a bit trickier. (The manufacturer recommends daily cleaning, while most call for a weekly schedule.)

CR’s test results: Crane Drop humidifier

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Soda Maker

The SodaStream Fizzi One Touch aces every one of CR’s soda-maker tests and is the only tested soda maker to earn a top score for ease of use. This plug-in unit excels at delivering consistently bubbly water, and because it operates with just a light push of a button, it’s ideal for those with limited hand strength. This deal is for the black unit only, and if you’re a Bed, Bath & Beyond member (it’s free to sign up), you can save an additional $20.

CR’s test results: SodaStream Fizzi One Touch

Tushy Classic Bidet

The Tushy Classic bidet attachment has a dial to adjust the water pressure, as well as three settings fore and aft. A few users in our study of bidets said it was easier to move themselves rather than adjust the nozzle, so if your intended recipient has limited mobility, this bidet may not be a great option. Some users found that it shifted a bit under the toilet seat. And one said the water pressure could be quite strong: “A 2 or 3 on the dial will give you a blast!” Most users found the Classic easy to install and had no trouble figuring out the water-pressure dial or nozzle-adjustment switch.

Streaming Devices

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

This 4K stick-style player has a nice array of content and features—including voice control and Dolby Vision HDR—for the price. You can control it from Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo and Dot, and use the included remote to control power and volume on many TVs and soundbar speakers.

This is an updated version of the player, which has an Alexa remote control with dedicated buttons for Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix. The price is just $5 higher than on Black Friday.

CR’s test results: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Roku Ultra - 2020

Roku’s flagship streaming player was updated last year with some enhancements, including faster performance thanks to smart caching of popular streaming services, which helps launch channels faster. It also has new programmable shortcut buttons on the enhanced voice remote, and includes a microSD card slot for adding more storage.

CR’s test results: Roku Ultra


JBL Tune 510BT

These Bluetooth headphones deliver pretty good sound quality, especially for the price. The 510BT sits on the ears, which some people find more comfortable than being engulfed by the more common over-ear style. You can also use them with a cable if you forget to charge them, but they have a claimed 40-hour battery life, so you probably won’t need to be tethered often.

CR’s test results: JBL Tune 510BT on-ear headphones

1MORE PistonBuds

Some folks are hunting for the best headphones money can buy, but other people just want a dependable pair that won’t break the bank. For those in the later camp, the 1MORE Piston Buds are a great choice. They don’t have the bells and whistles of flagship models from companies like Sony and Bose, but they’ll get the job done and do it well.

These earbuds have better-than-average sound quality and a cable-free true wireless design. The advertised battery life is on the low side at 3.5 hours, but the charging/carrying case is marked to power the headphones for almost four full charges. These headphones are an exceptional value all year long but they’re now selling at a small discount. Make sure to click on the coupon to get the full discount.

CR’s test results: 1MORE PistonBuds

JLab Audio JBuds Air

Even at full price, these earphones deliver great value. They have impressive sound quality, beating competitors that cost more than three times as much. Now you can find them for a little cheaper. But note that Walmart very recently listed them for about $20, so you may want to wait to see if they drop in price again.

The JBuds Air have an advertised 3.5-hour battery life and come with a carrying case that will recharge the earphones for an additional two cycles. Other features include support for various digital assistants, three switchable EQ modes to change the tonal balance of the sound, and, according to JLab, water resistance. (We don’t test that feature or battery life.)

CR’s test results: JLab Audio JBuds Air true wireless earbuds

Sennheiser CX 150BT

The Sennheiser CX 150BT is a great option if you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth model. Our tests show that the audio quality is above average, better than some headphones that cost a lot more. There aren’t a ton of extra features, but Sennheiser boasts a 10-hour battery life, more than enough to get you through a gym session or a day’s commute.

CR’s test results: Sennheiser CX 150BT

Sennheiser HD 250BT

This over-ear pair from Sennheiser is a relative newcomer but makes a mark for providing very good sound at a bargain price. The HD 250BT is an on-ear model with a sleek appearance and a price that sometimes dips below $70, making this one of the best values among Bluetooth headphones in our ratings.

It has controls for volume, calls, and playback, a smartphone app for equalizer adjustments, and an advertised 25-hour battery life. It also charges over USB-C, the same cable that powers newer Mac laptops and tons of other devices. Sennheiser is a winner for reliability and owner satisfaction, too, earning superb ratings in both categories. If you purchase them on Amazon, be sure to clip the on-page coupon for the full savings.

CR’s test results: Sennheiser HD 250BT headphones

More Tech Deals

Google Nest Mini

The Nest Mini is the least-expensive way to get Google Assistant into your life. But the sound quality is marginal at best, neither loud nor particularly clear. The Nest Mini is, however, a solid option if you want to add smart speaker functionality to another speaker in your home. We saw an offer for $10 less last week, however, so if you wait it’s possible the price will fall again.

CR’s test results: Google Nest Mini (second generation) smart speaker

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Available in a wired or wireless configuration, the Kinesis Freestyle2 features a fully split design. That means each half of the keyboard can be positioned directly in line with the user’s shoulders, effectively reducing internal shoulder rotation and ulnar deviation of the wrist. CR’s testers found that its membrane keys are easy to activate and include options for shortcuts and media controls, earning it a spot on our list of best ergonomic keyboards. The palm rests, adjustable legs, and number pad are sold separately ($35 to $50). This deal is for the Mac-compatible model only, though there are versions for Android, Chrome, iOS, Linux, and Windows as well.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

The unique shape and pronounced thumb rest of this mouse, one of the best ergonomic mice CR has tried, reduce forearm stress while preserving elements of the traditional horizontal form. Due to that orientation and the bulky form factor, however, CR found that the mouse does little to reduce wrist strain. The model features five programmable buttons, a four-way scroll wheel, and a glossy finish that picks up fingerprints and may make the palm and fingers feel sweaty. It lacks dpi settings and a forward button for navigating the web, opting instead for a Windows Start button. The USB dongle provided for wired connection can be safely stowed inside the mouse when not in use. There’s no left-handed option.

Razer Kiyo Webcam

This webcam, designed for gamers and livestreamers, tops out at 1080p at 30 frames per second and has an 81.6-degree field of view, which is wider than most models we’ve tested. The picture quality is fair and the audio quality is good and mostly sounds clear. Features include autofocus, auto white balance, and a built-in ring light with settings to adjust the illumination level, which can help improve image quality in environments with poor lighting conditions. The model lacks a privacy shutter, and the indicator light doesn’t turn on to alert you when audio is being recorded.

TP-Link Wifi Range Extender

A WiFi range extender can help you send the signal from your router into a dead zone in the far reaches of your home. This one delivers dual-band WiFi up to a manufacturer-claimed maximum of 750 Mbps. Features include a mobile app for help with setup and network management; a signal-strength light that helps you find the best place for installation; and an Ethernet port, which lets you create a wireless access point or connect a game console, Blu-ray player, smart TV, or streaming player to your WiFi network. Check the box to activate the on-page coupon before adding this to your cart for the full savings.

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