The Best Dominic Cummings Memes, To Enjoy On Your Next 260-Mile Trip To Durham

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What a relief that Dominic Cummings has put all this ugly business behind him. With a story that bulletproof – who amongst us hasn’t tested their eyesight by bombing it down the A67 in a Land Rover with their wife and child in tow? Specsavers isn't open, idiot! – there’s sure to be no controversy or blowback. Cummings can finally pull on his favourite pair of ketchup-stained three-quarter lengths and relax. Crisis averted.

But Twitter never rests when there’s mockery to be made. The memes arrived thick and fast on Monday, most of them during the live press grilling itself, and by now it’s likely that the top tier posts have been plunged into the depths of your timeline by blood-boiling LBC clips and actual political analysis. Both of those things are worthy of your attention, of course, but you'll probably need some cheering up afterwards.

That's why we've decided to round up some of our favourite Dominic Cummings memes below, which we'll be adding to as leftwing Twitter keeps spewing them out. You are very, very welcome.

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